Did Ya'll Know I'm An Editor?

For those who don’t know – I am a published author, and I am a professional editor by trade. Freelance, that is. I don’t work for nobody (and I don’t edit my blogs, so don’t go there!) So, from time to time you might hear me ranting about a book I have worked on in the past. That’s the case today…

Some things I thought would be self explanatory in doing a book, right? Wrong!

Something as simple as chapters – check out what is going on in this new book I’m editing. Check out how these chapters are labeled – and no, I’m not making this up – I cut and pasted from the book directly:

  • Chapter One (so far so good)
  • Chapter Two (all right, not bad at all)
  • Chapter Three (I think we are still doing okay here)
  • Chapter 4 (yep, that’s where it starts to go bad)
  • Chapter five (hummm, close)
  • Chapter Six (maybe we are back on track)
  • Chapter SEVEN (This chapter must be really important)
  • Chapter VIII (Well, alrighty then…)
  • Chapter Eight (Guess we didn’t know what those funky lines and Vs above meant, eh?)
  • .Chapter Nine: (Punctuation is our friend, intersperse at will)
  • Chapter Ten: (little less punctuation, but no consistency)
  • Chapter Eleven (are we back on track?)
  • Chapter Twelve (Yes, looks like we are back on track)
  • Chapter Tirteen (Well, one can be optimistic)
  • Chapter Fourteen
  • Chapter Fifteen (Are we sure it’s not Fiveteen? I mean?)
  • Chapter Sixteen
  • Chapter Seventeen (Why not SEVENteen? I don’t get it?)

Anyway, that’s the chapter headings themselves – nothing about the book yet – just the headings…(sigh) When the heading are in this condition, use your imagination and tell me how you think the book looks?

But that’s not the worst of it…. here’s another project I was paid to edit. This wasn’t a book, rather it was an article, and I’m pretty certain now that the writer does not speak English as their first language, and also relatively certain that this project was written in their native language and run through a computerized translator. They said it was just a quick proof.

For example… I did not know that: “interest rates are becoming more famous and increase value with each new sunshine.”

Additionally, genders are wrong, pronouns are missing or incorrect, little words like a, the, an, of, for, with, on are all wrong – and there is this one line that says:

“Payday loan has also some thorns in it’s kitty that make you feel worrisome.”

Yep, I think I would feel worrisome if I had thorns in my kitty.

You betcha…. quick proof my farkin’ arse.

Or, did you know that you can sell an anonymous house? Yeah, the house can remain anonymous, but durn it, you can sell it!

And then there is this:

“While repaying the substantially increased amount, it has the
power to give the borrower shaking treatments and tremors. It has
the power to make you forget your smile within a moment. People’s
apathy towards the rate of interest makes them the victims of their
own hunt. Suddenly, they realize themselves footing on an incessant
road of hefty debt sum that ceased to be impeded. It is like a web
that will entangle you repeatedly for[MJ1] ever.”

I don’t want those shaking treatments and tremors, and I surely don’t want to forget my smile.

All right – enough ranting on my end – at least I did get paid for it, right?

Oh well, back to the grindstone….

Love and stuff,

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3 comments to Did Ya'll Know I'm An Editor?

  • Pamela Gifford  says:

    I don’t work for nobody either which is why I don’t forget my smile!

  • (Michy)  says:

    (grin) Me needer!

  • Amy Black  says:

    LOL. I love this one Michy! You are so funny. Even nowadays with everything going on. Love you hon!

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