Daily Archives November 7, 2007

NaNo Adventures…

Please help me.

If anyone can read this message, I am being held hostage by two men named Brent and Bradey.

They refuse to let me go until they make me sit and listen to this story that has a working title of Twin Trinity – they won’t let me sleep… they keep jabbering away in my ear, and at 3:00 last night, they threatened me that if I didn’t start writing right away, terrible things were going to happen.

I have fallen in love with this book – and I have fallen in love with both the lead characters. When this one is put to bed, I’m going to mourn the loss of Bradey and Brent. In the meantime, it’s a damned shame you can’t make love to a book.

I mean, well, I guess you could, but the paper cuts would probably hurt a bit.

To be a good writer, I think you do have to feel your characters like ...

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