Your / You're – Commonly Misused Words

Your / You’re

Again, I would like to direct you to my article about possessive and contractions.

‘Your’ is a pronoun and you’re is a contraction that stands for ‘you are’. When writing, if you can replace the word you’re with the words you are and the sentence still makes sense, then you need to use You’re and not Your.

‘Your’ is a second person pronoun, meaning something belongs to you. Your chair is over there. Your hat is on the stand. These are your keys, not mine.

As you’ll note, you cannot replace ‘you are’ with ‘your’ in these sentences: You are chair is over there. You are hat is on the stand. These are you are keys, not mine.

But in this sentence: Are you sure you’re okay with this?

You can rewrite this sentence: Are you sure you are okay with this?

Thus you now know when to use your and you’re, simply by always replacing you’re with the words you are, and if you can’t, you must use your.

Okay, that wraps up this installment of commonly misused words in writing. Stay tuned, more articles on this topic are coming, along with some commonly misused phrases in writing too (see – too!).

Keep writing!

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