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Michelle L Devon began writing at a very young age, and by jr. high, she was writing for the school paper, had won several poetry and prose contests, and had completed her first novella by age 13.

Life managed to get in the way, and amidst cries from her family that, ‘writing is a hobby, not a career,’ Ms. Devon put her writing dreams on hold and pursued an education and then a professional career.

Michelle attended high school in a small West Texas town in the Permian Basin, and then went on to pursue a college degree in psychology, with a minor in sociology.

Her career centered around social services, advocacy and criminal justice for victims of violent crime in the non-profit sector, before she finally moved to the corporate world as a contract negotiator for a mult-billion dollar company.

Realizing that the corporate world wasn’t where her heart longed to be, and not wanting to return to advocacy or the criminal justice field, Ms. Devon realized her purpose and her dream all along was to be a writer. Through everything in her life, Michelle wrote. Writing was the one constant in her life.

So she quit her job negotiating million dollar contracts, with nothing to fall back on but her passion to write, and left the corporate world for good.

Today, Michelle L Devon works from home, where she lives and loves with her unique and special family, along with a houseful of furry four legged friends, including Rex the Funny Bunny.

“Writing is more than a job,” she says, “It’s a lifelong dream and a passion. Who could ask for more than to wake every morning and do the one thing you love the most and get paid for it too?”

Ms. Devon’s quote: “I am a writer! It’s not what I do; it’s who I am.”

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Michelle L Devon Interview

Q: What three words do you think describe you as a human being?

A: Passionate, obsessive, unique

Q: How do you think others would describe you?

A: I honestly have no clue. However, I have been told repeatedly that I do not see myself the way other people see me.

Q: Please tell us what you are most passionate about outside of writing.

A: Probably my children… yet, as they grow older, I find my focus is drawn even closer to my writing.

Q: Do you have any pets? If so, introduce us to them.

A: Oh, gosh yes. At one time, I had over 22 cats (kittens we rescued). Let me tell you, that won’t happen again! Right now, I have two cats – Squeaker (my cat), Harley (my son’s cat). My favorite pet though, is my rabbit, better known as Rex the Funny Bunny!

Q: What is your most precious memory?

A: Looking into his eyes, and for the first time, feeling safe, and seeing forever…

Q: What is your most embarrassing memory?

A: There are way too many of them to actually list them in any priority order. I have had a… well, strange life indeed.

Q: If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing with your life?

A: I probably would have been a lawyer. I was going to school for that, but then I came to my senses. I actually dropped it all to pursue writing full time. Prior to that, I was in criminal justice advocacy, so if I weren’t a writer, I’d probably have been a lawyer at some point.

Q: In two paragraphs or less write your obituary.

A: She lived, she loved… she left a legacy.

Q: Can you describe the time you realized you were indeed a “real” writer?

A: I’ll be honest. There are days even though writing and editing are all I do for a living anymore, and it’s all I’ve done for nearly four years full-time now, when I still do not feel like a ‘real’ writer. I get scared when people call me one, because it’s almost like there’s some mysterious bar set for me now.

Q: What is going on with your writing these days?

A: I have fourteen novels in progress in various stages of completion: two crime and suspense, one science fiction, three mainstream, a fantasy, a romance, a children’s books, and those I can’t really classify yet. I just finished a mainstream novel, that I’m setting aside for awhile before I begin the ‘real writing’ on it (read: editing, editing, editing). In my head, I have so many concepts for novels, I wonder if I’ll ever get them all written, but I’m giving it my best!

I also write articles for online sites, magazines, and newsletters, with a few newspaper articles in print too. I am a power blogger, and love to blog on various topics, and have written several ebooks on various subjects.

Q: What are your future goals for your writing?

A: I’m currently seeking a good agent and I hope one day to land a contract with one of the big publishers, and I plan to one day make the best sellers list, somewhere. Short of that, my only real goals are just to write as much as I can, publish as much as I can sell, and just bask in the wonder that writing and living my dream brings me.

Q: Can you describe a typical writing day for you?

A: I wake in the morning, or afternoon, or at pretty much any time I choose. I pile my hair up on top of my head, slip on my robe and slippers, and fight the furry kitty traffic jam on the way to the coffee pot. I shuffle into the living room, curl up in the recliner, pull my laptop table over to me, and turn it on. I spend the next 8-12 hours writing, answering emails, writing, writing, and writing. I love my job!

Q: Why do you write?

A: Because I’m compelled. I must write. I cannot not write. I am a writer. It’s not what I do; it’s who I am!

Q: What writer most inspires you? Why?

A: Robert Fulghum. I read his books, loved his humor and philosophy, and his casual but intense writing style and thought to myself, “If I can write just half as good as he does, if I can inspire someone even half as much as his words inspired me, then I will have fulfilled my purpose in this life.”

Q: How do you define your writing?

A: That would be almost like defining what love means to me. I try my hardest not to define my writing. Why limit myself?

Q: In one sentence—what do you want people to say about your writing in fifty years?

A: I have no idea what they will say, but I hope that in fifty years, at least one person will remember my name, and say that something I wrote touched them, moved them, made them think or feel something.

Q: Can you tell us where to find more information on you? Website? Blog?

A: My editing company’s website can be found here:

I have a Myspace just for fun at:

And my author’s website at:

Q: Is there a place where readers can reach you?

A: The best way to reach me is through my websites or through Myspace. I personally answer all emails. It sometimes takes me a day or two to get to them, but I always respond… eventually.

Q: Can you list all your book titles so people can look for them?

Books under Michelle L Devon:
In a Perfect World, A Series on Lost Love & Redemption (Koboca)

The Path, A Series on Redemption & Sensual Awakening (Vanilla Heart)

How To Create an Effective employee Handbook (Atlantic)

Coming Summer 2008: FIRESTARTER

Books under Michy Anderson:

The Ex Factor: Tales to Warm the Bitter Heart

Others under other pen names not listed here!

Q: For new readers—what can they expect when they read your book(s)?

A: Variety… right now, the only books I have in print are non-fiction, with two of those being creative non-fiction, prose and essay type writing. FIRESTARTER will be a fantasy novel, and IDENTIFY will be a crime and suspense novel. I suppose the one thing readers should come to expect from me is to learn not to expect anything specific. I write where, when and how my muse dictates.

Q: Take as much space as necessary to speak to our readers—what would you like them to know about you and your writing?

A: Michelle L Devon is an author, a poet, a writer, a novelist… all are different things.

What brings all of these together is: I am a professional dreamer.

I wake every day and do what I love to do the most, and I get paid for it. That’s not a bad gig. I live in the dessert of the Permian Basin, in the Great State of Texas, were I was born and raised, though you wouldn’t know it to talk to me. I live here with my unique and amazing family, and I can truly say I’m happier now than I have ever been.

Writing, for me, is not just a job—it’s a lifelong passion, an obsession, a compulsion. I live my dream every day of my life, in so many ways. If no one ever read a word I wrote again, I would still write. However, a writer without someone to read them is a very sad thing. Love me, hate me, agree with me or not, but read me.

This completes me.

the path a series on redemption and sensual awakening by michelle l devon
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