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Author Interview: Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher’s BIO:

My name is Tim Fisher. I was stupid enough to drop out of high school, but smart enough to continue my education. I served twenty years in the Navy and retired in 1992. I have lived in or visited around 30 foreign countries. My hobbies back then were scuba diving (instructor), karate (instructor), sky diving and flying (private pilot’s license). In 2000 I had my fourth heart attack and a quadruple bypass in which I had a number of strokes. Due to a loss of memory, I had to close my two pain management clinics (I was an N.D.) and find something else to do. That’s when I started writing.

If I ever sell a book that brings in a million dollars, I’m going to move back to Hawaii and live there – I love the place.


It’s rare today to find an a...

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