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Author Interview: Tristi Pinkston

Author Mini-Bio Tristi Pinkston:

I’m a stay-at-home mom, homeschooler, media reviewer, Cub Scout volunteer, editor, and LDS historical fiction author. My house isn’t clean and we only have real meals about once a day, but there are some things that must be sacrificed in order to accommodate others, and my kids make themselves a pretty mean sandwich. As long as they all have clean underwear, I’m good with that.

I love to read, watch good movies, and take long naps. I’m a regular presenter at the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and have also presented for the League of Utah Writers and the American Night Writers Association. I do most of my writing late at night, which means I have peace and quiet, but not a lot of sleep. It’s a crazy life, but it’s mine and I love it.

Have ...

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