Wasabi's Revenge

It was a good night, a quiet night, a peaceful night, when she fell asleep, at an unusually reasonable hour for her habits. It was much needed sleep, as anyone who knew her would surely tell you. What started out peacefully, full of wondrous dreams and silent comforts soon turning into a nightmare in Wasabi’s Revenge…

We catch up with our hapless heroine at 2:58 in the morning, Texas time, approximately 15 minutes after a startling realization: she shouldn’t have eaten half a canister of wasabi-coated dry peas just minutes before falling asleep in bed.

Let’s listen in:

“Well, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten the peas, right about the moment I woke up gasping for air. It was terrifying, really, to not be able to breathe. I’ve sort of gotten used to breathing and all.”

That’s when she headed to the bathroom and shut the door. Strange noises were heard from inside. We wondered if we should go in after her, but quite frankly, it was terrifying.

When she returned, her ashen face and red cheeks were testament to the battle she’d just fought. When we asked her if she’s won, she stated, as any hero would, “I just did what I had to do. Give me a few minutes, though, and I might have to do it again.”

“You would do it again?” our reporter asked.

“Oh, yeah.”

Amazing. It’s women like this who prove that women are, indeed, more able to withstand long-term pain and suffering better than men.

That’s all we have for you at the moment, but stay tuned to this blog for future updates and breaking news on our cover story of the day: Wasabi’s Revenge. You’ll see it here exclusively (thankfully).

Love and stuff,

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3 comments to Wasabi's Revenge

  • Rissa Watkins  says:

    LOL, Oh my, poor Michy! Sounds awful, but leave it to you to turn it into a funny blog post.

    Have you tried the wasabi almonds? They are really good too. Though I don’t think I will try any before bed.

  • Mojo  says:

    I shouldn’t laugh… but darn it, that was one funny post, Michy! I feel for our poor heroine, but thankfully she has a sense of humour ;o)

  • theBarefoot  says:

    I’ll stay tuned for breaking news, but worry more about breaking wind.

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