Michy’s Blooming Tea (Teaposy Blooming Tea — Red Song Blooming Tea)

So we received a gift of some blooming teas, from Teaposy. These are fantastic teas. If you like hot teas, you’re going to love these. They are certified organic, and the blooming ones use silver needle tea, which is a mild non-bitter tea, and then they add the flowers. The flavors are delicate, not overbearing. Really quality stuff. This video is of the Teaposy Red Song blooming tea, which is silver needle tea and carnation. As we make new ones, we’ll upload the video of each of them blooming. I highly recommend these teas. They are slightly pricey, BUT one bloom has a ton of tea leaves in the wrap, and we literally made 6 pots to sip last night, and while this video was uploading, we’ve already had two full pots of the carnation, and it’s still nice and dark, rich amber water. They last a long time. The little blown glass pitcher that came with it is quality too. Enjoy! www.teaposy.com

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One comment to Michy’s Blooming Tea (Teaposy Blooming Tea — Red Song Blooming Tea)

  • Isman  says:

    My smell-inspired family mroemy is based on Lipton’s Chicken Noodle Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. That was a Sunday evening dinner staple we were allowed the privilege to eat in front of the television. As a family, we watched Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, The Wonderful World of Disney, and Bonanza. It was a time before pizza delivery, a time and place where even fast-food restaurants closed on Sundays.I remember making cinnamon rolls with my maternal grandma. They were rich, buttery, gooey, and made from scratch with love. That same grandmother taught me to make egg noodles, dumplings, and chicken broth from scratch. My paternal grandparents made pickles. Their sweet chunk pickles were the only sweet pickles I ever found even remotely tempting. Their dill pickles were heavenly!I remember the smell of Spam frying on a griddle. Unfortunately, that mroemy is tied to vivid memories of nausea, light sensitivity, dizziness, and hours of wretching which accompanied the inevitable migraines that followed the consumption of said Spam.I remember the smell of pine smoke on crisp, dark summer nights, singing around the campfire with friends and family or telling stories or toasting marshmallows. It never mattered where I would sit, the smoke always seemed to follow.Over the years, a lot has changed, but some smells can still take me back to my childhood, to people and places who are gone. Sometimes, the smells are the only ways to get back there.

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