Merry Christmas, Buffy

This is a little video for the very best friend a girl could ever have. My friend, Lynn, went out of her way to make sure I would have a wonderful Christmas. I was sick in bed, running a fever with sniffles and coughs, and she let me sleep while she went to the store and bought all the fixin’s for my dinner today and even made me some hot buttered rum mix for my family (which they are going to love). But it gets better…. she bought me juices and Dayquil/Nyquil packs and even made my ‘magic’ chicken soup before she had to take off on a plane for her own family’s Christmas. There’s not a whole lotta folks in the world who would have run around like crazy before leaving on an extended trip like that, and I didn’t even ask her to – this is the heart of this woman. She’s an amazing person and someone I am truly honored to call my friend. So, while she’s gone, I’m babysitting her babies–three kitty kats–and we all got together to make this Merry Christmas video for her!

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