Daily Archives April 5, 2010

Faulkner-Wisdom Contest

I was informed today when the admins for the Faulkner-Wisdom contest confirmed my entry that the deadline had been extended until May 1st. This both bothers and pleases me. It bothers me because that means I will have to wait longer for the results of the short story, entitled Fated Family, to be announced; it pleases me because that gives me time to consider if I want to submit my novel-in-progress that I had originally planned to submit but hadn’t found the time to finish by the deadline.

For the novel-in-progress, they want an outline and synopsis and the first 50 or so pages, up to 12,500 total words, including the outline and synopsis. I had not finished the synopsis, because I haven’t finished the book, and I usually only write the synopsis once the book is finished. The reason? With characters like mine, anything goes. They never seem to do what I tell them to. I sort of consider myself an observer, not a writer, really. I create these people in my head, or else they come to me from some unknown universe or expanse, and then they start living their lives, and I, like the voyeur I know myself to be, begin writing their stories.

Along the w...

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