I Eat Potato Chips

I try to eat healthy foods—organic, mostly vegetarian, low-sodium, so on and so forth—aspiring to be a health nut but not quite there yet, but I do have one guilty vice. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t really eat junk food.

So what’s the vice? Potato chips.

I don’t know why I like them. I’ve never really sat down and questioned it. I’m addicted, though, in the way a crack whore peddles her body to get more rock, I sell my soul for potato chips. It’s really quite embarrassing and completely melodramatic, but there you have it.

I cannot move past potato chips in the store without buying at least one bag.

Which wouldn’t be too bad, except, I take that bag home and I open it up, telling myself I’m only going to have a few, a small handful at most, perhaps no more than a tiny bowl… a bowl… a big bowl full.

Then, unwittingly, I end up eating the entire bag. Yes, in one sitting, I will sit and eat an entire bag of potato chips.

But it gets worse. It’s not just potato chips. It’s Funyuns, Cheetos (especially the spicy variety of each of those), Wavy Lays, Chili Cheese Fritos, you name it.

The solution is that I let other people in the house do the shopping. Once you pop, you can’t stop, indeed.

It’s my favorite snack food to eat while writing, and as such, I tend to not realize how much I’ve eaten until my stomach is screaming at the greasy assault on it. This, in turn, usually cuts my writing session short while I rush to the bathroom to… well, you really don’t want to see the rest of that scene.

But I started talking to some folks on a writers forum the other day and I asked them what snacks they liked to eat while writing, if any, and there were some interesting responses. The solution to my dilemma? Buy healthier snacks. Hey, gosh darn it all to heck, now why didn’t I think about that? Really.

I’ve bought snacks that are healthy and I’ll indeed eat them. In fact, did you know that organic goat’s cheese tastes great when melting on top of potato chips? Oh, and don’t even get me started on ranch dressing as a dip for carrots and potato chips.

Uh huh, see how good that works?

Anyway, my question today to all my phantom readers (because I’m really quite certain at this point that I have absolutely no readers and am here only talking to myself): What is your snack food while you’re writing?

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I’m a potato chipaholic.

Love and stuff,

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  • Brittany  says:

    I have the same addiction to a certain brand of chips – jalapeno chedder cheetos. Orgasm in the mouth. I love eating them anytime (the entire BAG) but especially at the keyboard as I’m not paying attention. Same with playing video games or watching an intense movie.

    Breathing too. Breathing is an activity.

    Its hard, and its easier to have someone else shop, but people can be too nice and I usually end up with a bag! Sigh.

    I guess I just need to cut down on all other vices, huh? I can live with that. ^_^

    Hi, My name is Brittany (LittleCricket) and I am also a Chip Freak.

  • Rodney Vaught  says:

    You should add those bookmark share buttons on your blog, you’d be surprised how many people actually use them. Unless you already have them and I’m just blind

  • Tomika Steiskal  says:

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