Daily Archives April 15, 2010

You Are My Television

I don’t watch television. I know a lot of people say that, but it’s true. I don’t watch TV. There are a couple of shows that I’ll catch now and again, usually on late night reruns when I can’t sleep. Not being able to sleep comes less frequently now than it once did, so I don’t watch nearly as much television as I used to watch, before.

When I’m alone, the TV is noise. It’s background and filler. It’s an overhead conversation, eavesdropping on melodrama, commercial jingles that stick in my head and refuse to leave, “What would you do-o-o….” to get this song out of my head?

It’s comforting, because it fills the quiet when I am alone. I feel like someone is here with me, talking to me. It fills in the lonely gaps during the day. It makes me feel like I’m interacting with someone.

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