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Dining Out on Vacation

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When the World Is Silent

I have always enjoyed the late-night sound of silence in the world. I hear and experience things in the middle of the night that the noise of the day just won’t let me be a part of. I feel so apart from the world as it is, that sometimes, being able to close my eyes and join the nothingness that is the middle of the night somehow feels right to me.

That has never been more true as it is tonight, I think. I came to Colorado for many reasons. The biggest one was to see if I could. I know that sounds strange to many of you, but those of you who have followed my goings on over the years know how bad my health has been. I wanted–perhaps needed–to know I could still do normal things, because, for awhile now, I have been unable to do many of the things I deemed normal. This trip has proven to me that I suppose I can do normal things, but there is a price to pay for those normal things. I have to determine whether or not the price I have to pay is worth it for the return.

I guess that’s no...

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