Cup of Comfort for Couples Finalist

I was notified last week that I was a finalist in the REDBOOK / Cup of Comfort for Couples YOUR LOVE STORY writing contest. I received a letter from the Editor, Colleen Sell, that started:

“I am delighted to inform you that your story submission “Popcorn Proposal” has been selected as a finalist for the Your Love Story Contest, co-sponsored by Adams Media and REDBOOK magazine, and for publication consideration in A Cup of Comfort for Couples.”

The letter went on to say that there were over 2,000 submissions and that they narrowed it down to the top 63 of them. These will go to the editors at REDBOOK, who will then pick one grand prize winner and three runners up. All winners will get the Cup of Comfort full collection, and the grand prize is a thousand bucks, runners up, I think, I get $150. Of course, we get a copy of the book we appear in too.

After that, 40-some odd stories will be chosen to go into the printed collection. That means between 10-15 or so of the finalists won’t make it into the book. While I’m definitely not trying to put this out to the universe, it would really stink to be one of the ones to make it that far and then get cut right at the last minute.

I’m looking forward to the results! I’d love to be mentioned or excerpted in REDBOOK, the money is always nice, but I’m really honored just to make it this far.

For those who haven’t ever tried to submit to Cup of Comfort, you ought to bookmark them and watch for open themes. Right now, there’s Cup of Comfort for Christian Women open. Also, we’ve got a discussion going on in the writers forum about COC and I try to update the themes regularly for you guys. Come join us over there and chat about your experiences with Cup of Comfort submissions or any other submissions. We have tons of paying leads for both fiction and nonfiction, plus creative nonfiction leads and poetry to! Join us by clicking here.

A major congratulations to all those who entered, and a whopping whoohoo! to the 63 moving on. Best of luck to everyone who is moving on to the REDBOOK judging! I’m stoked!

Love and stuff,

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9 comments to Cup of Comfort for Couples Finalist

  • Dk  says:

    Congrats Michy!

  • Cathy  says:

    Congrats, Michy! You go girl!

  • Lindsay  says:

    SO proud of you, Michy! Can’t wait to hear the announcement that you won the whole thing! 😀

  • Tami  says:

    Congratulations. I’m one of the 63, and just finished editing with Ms. Sell. Have you heard more from them? The COC website says we will hear tomorrow concerning Redbook in one place, but it says August in another place. I’m wondering if you know the true deadline?

  • Michelle L Devon (Michy)  says:

    My understanding was we have two more announcements – one is which stories make the cut for the book and get forwarded to Redbook and which get cut. Then we have the announcement of which story gets picked by Redbook. So I think we get two announcements. I’m not certain though and I am eagerly awaiting with you!

    Congratulations on making it this far and good luck to you in the next cut! *toes crossed* (I cross my toes so I can still write!)

  • Michy  says:

    Ohhh, look what I found!

    Winners will be notified on or before July 10th.


  • Mardell Alesci  says:

    I’m not much of a blog reading person, but I just wanted to tell you that I’m really enjoying what you’ve written so far. Please keep up the good work!

  • Shawnta Steiniger  says:

    I was searching for how to write a book, and found your website. I’ve stopped by a couple of times and liked what you’ve posted. I’ve bookmarked your site so I can see it from time to time. I”ll subscribe to your feed.

  • Canister Set ·  says:

    i’m quite good in witing but i have not yet signed up on a writing contest ~

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