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Surround Yourself with People Who…

Recently, there was a letter sent to someone that pertained to my son. In this letter, the person who wrote it advised the recipient to teach my son some things about how he should interact with his peers. She commented on some of his personality traits and told the recipient of the letter to advise my son not to do those things if he wants to have/make friends when he goes back to high school next year instead of being home schooled.

The letter triggered many things for me, but the biggest thing it triggered was the way I felt as a child when I was told I needed to conform to this or that. I was frequently told to quit daydreaming. Well, my daydreaming has turned into the fiction I write and I have been paid for writing, the career path I am currently on. If I had listened and stopped daydreaming, I wouldn’t be a writer today.

I’m quirky. I’m definitely ‘not’ normal, and for many years, I was told I had to conform to that norm. Go to college, get a job, work hard for 50+ years of my life, marry someone, have a couple of kids, and eventually die, hopefully sometime after the mortgage is paid off.

That path wasn’t for me.


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On Death & Dying & Family

Probably the biggest and scariest challenge most people face is their own mortality. Death–the great unknown. We can’t really know what happens when we die. There are a lot of people who have concepts, ideas, hopes… religions try to tell us what to expect, but there are so many differing stories, and it’s unlikely they are all right (not that it isn’t possible for an infinite universe to let them all be right).

My oldest uncle had a heart attack last week. It was a big one, quadruple bypass, talk about power of attorney, bleeding out, coding on the table. I’ve never been close to this uncle, though I did used to play with his kids, my cousins, when we were all younger. I never got to know him that well, though he has mellowed out some in his older years. I believe he is 64 years old, which, by many standards, isn’t all that old, but it’s still not all that young either. My mother is a couple of years younger than him, my father the same age as he is, and he is lying in a hospital bed with a central line and hooked up to tubes having been cut up and brought back to life.

I learned of this the day we were set to drive ...

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Pain & Fear

One of my little secrets that I’ll share with you that many people already know about me is that I don’t watch television. A lot of people, dare I say MOST people, do watch television. It’s not that I can’t watch TV. It’s really not a political statement or a decision as much as it is that I just have this addiction to my work, to writing and to the internet, so there’s rarely time for television. I sometimes have the television on, but for the most part, I only watch the commercials. There was a time I thought I could really write good commercials. The point of all this is, there is one guilty pleasure on television for me: HOUSE.

And the point of this is to bring about a line that was said on HOUSE: Pain makes you make bad choices.


I take that line a step further to say ...

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Chipmunk with Chubby Cheeks full of Peanuts

My son was hand feeding them peanuts and their cheeks just kept getting bigger and bigger!

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Hummingbirds Playing at the Hummingbird Feeder in the Mountains @ Colorado – more information about the trip to Colorado at my website. This is a video of the hummingbirds that playe...

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Ground Squirrel in Colorado Eating Peanuts We Fed Him – More about my trip to the Colorado mountains at that link. This is Mr. Ground Squirrel eating the peanu...

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There's No Place Like Your Place

Let me preface my blog post by saying that the ‘vacation’ I took the past couple of weeks was, really, research for an upcoming novel. The fact I didn’t know I was going to write the novel until after I took the trip is inconsequential, and I’m really only stating this now because the IRS, who audited my taxes last year, might be reading this now, seeing as how they asked me for my URLs to my ‘business’ sites, of which this is one, since I’m an author by trade, and I don’t want there to be any misunderstanding about the ‘research’ when I write off part of the trip, but none of that matters anyway, since the settings I experienced while on vacation are going to be the perfect thing for the novel I’ll be writing this year.

Whew. What a long sentence that was. Here, I’m trying to convince the IRS I make a living as a writer and I go and write a sentence like that. Man. I’m not sure I even believe me after that.


I have to say, I really enjoyed the trip–a lot, and for many reaso...

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Jake the Dog – His first time fishing in a lake! So while we were at Snoopy Pond, we let the dog out to wander around and explore. He loves

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