Jake the Dog – His first time fishing in a lake!

michelleldevon.com So while we were at Snoopy Pond, we let the dog out to wander around and explore. He loves to swim in the swimming pool at home, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to us that he’d want to jump into the pond. So he did! This is video of Jake the Dog having a good time on vacation at Snoopy Pond in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado–up in the mountains! We had a blast! For more pics, visit my author website at the link above or you can visit my Facebook page too for more pics of Colorado! BTW, when you hear me saying ‘OK’ in the video, that’s a ‘command’ to Jake that it’s ‘OK’ to get in. We have taught him it’s not safe to swim without us being outside, so that he’s not allowed in the swimming pool without us. Because of this, he stands on the edge and barks, asking for permission to get in and we say ‘no’ or ‘ok’. So I was trying to tell him it was OK to go swim in the pond. He wasn’t so sure it was OK though!

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