Daily Archives July 4, 2010

Some Gifts I'd Like to Give

Below is a list of a few gifts I’d like to give and the reasons why I would like to give them:


There is a girl’s blog I read every day, at least every day that she updates, and she tries to sound so professional and educated by using big words. The problem is, she uses them in similar context to how they should be used but with a meaning just slightly off, so that it’s obvious to those who really know the meaning of the words that she doesn’t fully understand how to use them. I suppose that the meaning of them is close enough that a good majority of the people who read her just assume she’s using it right, after all, she’s a writer. She should know, right? Sadly, that’s not true, she doesn’t know, and I cringe when I see these words–it’s as though she used a thesaurus to get a similar word, but didn’t get the nuance of the word. As a lover of words myself, I would like to buy this blogger a dictionary to go with her thesaurus, and give her the gift of knowledge and hopefully the desire to actually look up a word before she assumes it’s a synonym.


I know, a doctor should prescribe medication, but there...

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