Seedlings, A Metaphor for Writers & People

Last week, I created life.

I took these pods and planted little seeds into them, and I watered them and sheltered them and I put them in indirect sunlight, and I watched them grow.

Today, I have baby plants. They are tiny, fragile, but growing stronger with every day. They are so cutey!

I am eagerly awaiting when they will bloom into the beautiful plants they are meant to be and show their gorgeous flowers!

But as seeds, they were rather unremarkable.

As plants, they are oxygen giving, life affirming, amazing… and the flowers, when they bloom into what they were meant to be, they are quite alluring. In fact, they are so alluring that we pay hundreds of dollars for bouquets to give as gifts, and thousands for flowers on weddings and funerals and other special occasions.

But we wouldn’t have those flowers that we love to see and smell and share with others, like my perfect rose or the bouquets I got for Valentine’s Day, unless someone somewhere took one seed and planted it, cared for, fed, watered and sheltered the seedling and allowed it to grow into the beautiful flower it is today. Even wildflowers that grow on their own now started from nothing more than a seed. Every flower at some point began as a seed.

But that seed was only a fraction of the potential that the flowered plant was meant to be.

We humans are the same: we’re seedlings.

We are fractions of what we could be. Fractions of what we can become. We are unlimited bundles of potential – potentiality – and our purpose is to grow into the beautiful flower that we are meant to be.

It’s true, sadly, that some of us never get planted. We will, some of us, remain seeds forever, drying and withering away, destroyed.

Some of us will get planted, but without loving care, water, sunlight, food, sheltered and warmth, we will never grow… or we will grow into seedlings, but we will never reach our true potential, never bloom into what we are meant to be. Some of us will wither and die before our time; others might grow strong and pretty in our own right, but will still fall short of the potential, fall short of what we are meant to be.

And there are some plants that, even against all the odds, will grow and flourish and flower and bloom… even when beaten, trod on, rolled over and neglected… they will turn their faces toward the sun and show their colors beautifully.

I think of my writing forum as a greenhouse. It’s a place where writers come and plant their seeds. We all help each other water, feed, shelter and protect the seedlings as they grow. We all turn our faces toward the sunlight and blossom and bloom in our own time.

Yeah, I could go on the negative side of this metaphoric analogy and talk about how it is the prettiest and must beautiful flowers that bloom to their fullest potential that get cut off at the knees and tossed around – but it is because they are so beautiful, so full of potential and awesomeness that they are so sought after – and they will simply bloom again and again, sharing their loveliness with the world.


We are not really flowers.

The flower is the potential that we can achieve to show the world, but in truth, we are the plant, the strong, life-affirming plant. The flower is just what we show to the world; our real value is in the life-sustaining and affirming things we produce that benefit not only ourselves, but every other human being. For we are all interconnected that way, inter-dependent upon one another.

So if our petals fall, or should we have our flowers cut and shared with others, so be it! Especially for us writers, when we share our writing, it is as though we have picked the flowers from our own stems and handed them to someone else to enjoy – and they will enjoy it! We will bloom for them while they are reading us, and then we linger in their memories for eternity. Then we will simply bloom again and again… keep writing, keep sharing, keep blooming…

Keep living.

So plant your seeds. Grow. Reach for the sky, turn toward the sun, bloom and blossom – become the strong plant you were meant to be and share the flowers that shine with colorful beauty; reach your fullest potential.

And if, for now, you are only a seedling, know that, yesterday, I was but a seedling too – and now look at my blooms.  Tomorrow, I bloom bigger and brighter. So will you.

Love and stuff,


Please, share this with every woman you know:

On Flowers & Women

by Michelle Devon


A woman is like a flower…

When she is properly tended, well fed, receives the proper amount of love and light,

handled gently, like the beautiful creature she is, she will bloom in full radiance.

If you provide her a good foundation upon which to grow her roots,

she will continue to grow and bloom,

season after season,

only becoming more beautiful with every Spring that passes.

However, when exposed to harsh elements,

neglected and abused,

kept in the dark or handled roughly,

she will wilt,

bruise and hide her beauty from the world.

If you pluck her,

take away her roots,

steal her foundation,

she will wither and die.

I’ve been a flower in someone’s garden…

I once bloomed, brilliantly, beautifully,

but I was not handled

with the care of the Master Gardener,

so I wilted, withered,

and nearly died,

my beauty hidden from the world.

I lived in this darkness for so long I felt dead inside,

appeared dead on the outside, nothing but sharp, pointy,

painful branches left of the beauty that could be.


from the garden,

left to hide in misery and gloom.

But much like the rose bush,

which can live for years in dark

recesses before it finally dies,

once firmly planted again,

tended and cared for,

the rose bush will once again bloom in

its full glory.

It may take time, but the blossoms, the petals, the color,

the fragrance, all of it will again grow, and if properly handled,

will be all the more spectacular with the new season.

My Master Gardener has tended the ground upon which I thrive.

He has fed me, cared for me, provided me with love and light,

given me a solid foundation upon which to take root.

I open the petals in my Springtime to the rising warmth of the

sun, and I once again bloom with my full beauty, glory, and

brilliance that always should have been mine.

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5 comments to Seedlings, A Metaphor for Writers & People

  • Buffy  says:

    Thank you for the metaphor! The flowers I produce are not seen by as many people, perhaps, but I grow and produce because I am watered and shined upon with love, friendship, and caring. But if I help in the gardening of beautiful flowers by caring for others, then I am a fortunate person, indeed and I am blessed by blessing others when I am able. I will be strong and fertile soil, fresh sunlight, gentle rain, and a natural pesticide which acts gently… I will be what I was meant to become.

  • Lindsay Maddox  says:

    I *loved* this. Thank you for the reminder. My heart is smiling right now.

  • Jennifer Walker  says:

    Lovely post! No one is born a flower or a towering plant…we all have to start somewhere, and we have to be nurtured if we’ll even approach our potential.

  • Nancy G.  says:


  • Alejandro Clinker  says:

    I wonder if that’s one of the reason that people don’t post comments? That even though you might like what someone writes, you’re not sure how to reply?

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