Daily Archives December 26, 2010

It Was a Very Merry Day

When my daughter was three years old, I was a single and broke mom. I was going to college, working an overnight job and sleeping during the day while my daughter was in pre-school.

This first picture is our Christmas tree. Last year was my first year to have a real Christmas tree since my children were very little. We’d always used an artificial tree. Being a broke single mom, I scavenged every year to find ‘new’ ornaments and such and we used a lot of tinsel and garland on our artificial tree in order to keep it looking full and not sickly.

Last year, we paid about $50 bucks and got a 9′ real tree, I think it was a Douglas Fir. I loved it. It was beautiful and real and sweet smelling and just lush and gorgeous…

… for about three days...

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