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Fat People Suck! We're not even human!

A couple of days ago, while washing laundry, I came out of the bedroom and walked quickly through the living room, naked, to get to the laundry room. Two days later, the neighbors next door are moving out, without any notice.

I believe these two incidents are, I hope, unrelated.

A month or so ago, I was reading an old article of mine on the internet that was a rebuttal piece to someone who had written an article basically stating that fat people were the cause of every bad thing happening in the world from war to people starving in third world countries, even going so far as saying obesity was a threat to national security. Okay, so she never said fat people caused the war, but she did actually say fat people were a threat to national security. It was poorly researched and it was nothing more than rantings by a person with an obvious bias against–not obesity as she claims–but against fat people.

This is an ...

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The World's Only Fat Anorexic? Really?

I sat in the office, rocking back and forth slightly. My best friend stood next to me, shifting from one foot to the other, occasionally patting me on the shoulder to let me know she was still there. As we waited, I could feel the fluid in my foot starting to build, like it always does when I sit in a chair normally for too long. I point this out to her, and she says, “It’s okay. That’s why we’re here. We’re going to find out today what’s causing it.”

I scoff. After all, we’ve been in how many doctor’s offices thinking the same thing how many times? I had lost count. The night before, I had asked her, “What if they don’t find anything this time? What if we find out that all the blood work once again will be normal, and this doctor too sends us away saying, “Maybe it’s a pain syndrome.”

He dismissed me.

He still wasn’t as bad as the man who dared call himself a doctor who told me, “When women get to be a certain age, put on a little weight, kids leaving home… you know, maybe it’s depression with a little fibromyalgia. I can prescribe an anti-depressant…”

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Beating (up) Ego

Earlier, I was looking at some of my old fiction writing, back when I first started writing fiction professionally. I used to put small pieces up on blogs, and people loved my writing. My friends and family said I was fantastic.

They lied.

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I Know I'm Not Going to Die

The title says it all: I know I’m not going to die.

They say that when you’re going to die, somehow, you know, intuitively, perhaps instinctively. I haven’t felt that way. My ass, on the other hand, really isn’t happy, and it’s sharing its rage with me.

I remember that line in Star Trek where Captain Kirk told his buddies that he’s always known that he would be alone when he died. Then later in the movie, he said, “I thought I was going… to die.” (hey, it’s William Fucking Shatner, after all (click the link if you don’t know the reference–if you’re even a part geek, it’s a freaking hilarious story)).


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Anti-Anything & Every Day is a New Year

There’s an old story that says Mother Teresa was once asked by a world leader to attend an anti-war rally, and she responded by saying she would never attend an anti-war rally. But if someone invited her to a peace rally, she would attend gladly.

Negativity Breeds

We live in such a negative world. From the time we are born, it begins with us having to cry for what we want to being told ‘no’ constantly in an effort to teach and train us to be normal, functioning adults, and then as adults, we are inundated with negativity. It’s fed to us in so many forms, directly from the government, from television, from radio-from the internet.

Negativity is everywhere. It’s palpable, and you don’t have to go looking for it. Stay on Facebook long enough and it will find you. Heck, if you deal with people, at all, ever, negativity will find you. I’ve even seen it right here in the blogosphere. The people getting the most comments, page views, showing up in the top blogs are mostly people who are bitching and moaning about something, bashing someone, or talking about the war or arguing politics or spreading rumors, lies, innuendo and gossip about others… celebrity, friend, foe alike.

I dunno… seems a rather sad way to get populari...

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