Fat People Suck! We're not even human!

A couple of days ago, while washing laundry, I came out of the bedroom and walked quickly through the living room, naked, to get to the laundry room. Two days later, the neighbors next door are moving out, without any notice.

I believe these two incidents are, I hope, unrelated.

A month or so ago, I was reading an old article of mine on the internet that was a rebuttal piece to someone who had written an article basically stating that fat people were the cause of every bad thing happening in the world from war to people starving in third world countries, even going so far as saying obesity was a threat to national security. Okay, so she never said fat people caused the war, but she did actually say fat people were a threat to national security. It was poorly researched and it was nothing more than rantings by a person with an obvious bias against–not obesity as she claims–but against fat people.

This is an important distinction, I think. I don’t like obesity. I would imagine most overweight people probably don’t like obesity either. But there’s a big difference between not liking obesity and not liking fat people, and this is a distinction haters don’t make. I don’t like cancer, but I don’t hate people who have cancer. In fact, one of my favorite people in the world has cancer. Again, I hate cancer. But I don’t hate people with cancer.

Now some might say that no one did anything to give themselves cancer, but fat people made themselves fat. Both of those things are untrue. Someone can certainly do things to cause cancer, and not all fat people are that way because they did something wrong.

Like any other ‘group’ that is bound loosely together by shared characteristics, characteristics they might not even be aware put them in a ‘group’, there are people in this world who lump anyone who looks like a triangle into the triangle group, never bothering to see if they might really be a trapezoid instead. In other words, whenever we label anyone by superficial stereotypes, we lose the essence of what makes them–and us–human… we lose our humanity.

Not all rednecks drink beer and live in trailers and go bowling and beat their wives. I mean, my family does, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s does. It’s not only disrespectful for the people you put into the groups, but it’s also disrespectful to the people in the groups who do fit the stereotype. Us rednecks have feelings too, you know.

Fat people are one of the latest groups to be discriminated against. There will always be discrimination and some ‘group’ being discriminated against. And you know, discrimination is something I can deal with. I grew up a skinny little rich white girl with red hair and freckles in a city that was predominantly Hispanic, whose parents were still married to one another after 28 years (during an age of divorce, where all my friends in school were part of a broken home in some way), and whose skinny white 6’1″ tall father sported a white-man’s afro. I know what it’s like to be made fun of.

I know what it’s like to be different. I have always embraced my differences, made them even more a part of who I am. So discrimination I can take. I can fight discrimination, or, as the case may be, I can choose not to fight it.

We each have things we discriminate against. We might or might not say that out loud, but in the deep dark of night, when we’re honest with ourselves about our self-talk, we all have our own prejudices and things about which we discriminate. Discriminating tastes, you see, is considered someone who has good tastes, who picks and chooses carefully, knowledgeably. There’s nothing wrong with personal discrimination, even if the things you believe are different than the things I believe. I don’t know your story, and I can only judge you by your story, not mine. Discrimination is up to you–as long as we can all agree that everyone deserves equal treatment in work, in law, in practice, and you are willing to defend those freedoms even if it’s for someone you don’t personally like, then you can have all the prejudices you want for yourself, as long as you allow me mine. It’s not what I’d prefer. I’d love for everyone to truly love everyone else, but since that is a pipe dream, I’ll allow you your prejudices.

So I can tolerate discrimination on an individual basis, provided there is equality in all else. What I cannot tolerate is hatred.

Back to the original topic: fat people.

It’s okay if you have a personal prejudice against fat people. That’s your right. If you want to be the type of guy who says he doesn’t want to date the fat chick and he only wants to date girls who are thin as boards, that’s your right. If you have a personal prejudice against obesity or touching, hugging or kissing a fat person, that’s certainly your right too. But it’s not your right to take that personal prejudice and put it out there for the world to see as hatred.

Back to the article I wrote. I hadn’t visited that article in a long time, so I had missed some of the more recent comments. Many of them were basically calling me a fat cow, saying that the only reason I would have defended fat people so much is because I am one, and some other unsavory comments too, all about me personally, with very little commentary about anything I had said in the article. No one disputed my data. No one debunked my facts. All they could find to do with their hatred was to call me names and accuse me of being fat.

So I followed some of these comments out to where one of the thread topics originated, a place where someone had posted my article’s link on Yahoo! Answers. The original question had to do with whether or not being obese should be or is considered a disability. Some of the answers were interesting and were at least mostly on topic, such as the one commenter who said obesity shouldn’t be a disability because it was something the person had done to themselves. Another commenter came back and said that if a man were to get wasted and plow his car into a brick wall, paralyzing himself, he would still get disability, and he had done that to himself too, so that argument didn’t hold water. And this came from a person who didn’t think obesity should be a disability, but that they couldn’t find any legal reason why. I like people like that who can say what they believe but then also state the law and the way it is, and be willing to go with the legalities even if it goes against what their own personal opinions. We need more judges like that on the supreme court, but I do digress…

Then the subject changed to fat people using handicap parking stickers or placards in their cars, and even the sensible people before were railing on that one, about how fat people shouldn’t be given closer parking spots, how they should have to park far away and walk some of their lard off. One of the people commenting, who identified herself as an obese woman, tried to explain how her obesity had begun and all the aspects of her life affected by obesity, and why those aspects are disabling. She went on to say that medication and bed rest for her conditions had caused her to gain weight rapidly and that limited mobility and ability to exercise had kept her that way. Suddenly, some of the people changed their tune and said that it was okay if someone was disabled and obese because they were sick. They were, of course, only pissed off every time they saw a lazy fat person doing it, not a sick one. They even went so far as to say they couldn’t believe fat people who were so f*ck*ng lazy they couldn’t even bother to walk anymore and just went out and got free scooters from the government so they didn’t have to use their fat legs anymore.

I had held my tongue long enough, or in this case, my fingers, and I finally typed, “How do you tell the difference? When a fat person gets out of a car in a handicapped parking spot and then gets into one of the scooters, you said it was okay as long as they were sick and not just lazy, so how can you tell the difference?”

No one answered me. In fact, no one continued talking on that question after I asked it. I believe it finally was locked, and the only person whom I ever told about the discussion was my best friend.

But it made me wonder at people who make assumptions. We see a man who is clean-cut and wearing a bomber jacket and is missing a leg and he’s in a wheelchair and we assume he must have been injured in the line of duty, active military. We see a man covered in tattoos with a shaved head and piercings, and he is missing a leg, so he must have also been in the military, right? Or is it more likely one might think he was in a drunk driving accident, with himself as the driver?

I’m not saying everyone thinks this way, but I do think it’s always good to question our own and others’ pre-conceived notions.

Back to the hatred part, and then I’ll let you go. Before you walk away from this blog today, I want to leave you with some of the comments made about fat people I have found in the comment sections of blogs or questions around the web. If you are a larger person, surely you’ve seen this. If you’re not, think about your mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, daughter, son, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle… someone you know and probably love who is obese, and ask yourself, how do you think they would feel to read this about themselves:

Laziness + time = Fat + Lazy + More Time = Morbidly obese

Now add mental prob’s caused by being too fat to walk or wipe and bamm SSDI checks in the mail.

And this one:

Peoples metabilism the way their bodies use fuel etc can be different, BUT obesity is caused by ignorance. Look at it this way. Your car has a 10 gallon gas tank on it, do you try to shove 20 gallons just because the gas looks pretty or smells good??? obesity is a problem but it is self induced, no different then smoking drinking or taking drugs. Don’t want to be obese quit pigging out and get off the couch, PERIOD!!!

Or this one:

I have a friend that retired over 6yrs ago is collecting her pension and eats and looks like a fat cow and now with the help of her dr has applied for and is most likely going to get a $1700,00 disability check. He should get his butt kicked and she should have her mouth sewn shut. That will solve everything!

I’m glad I’m not their friend, for sure. Or this one:

I hope you fuckers DIE of a premature heart attack from all that polyunsaturated fat you goofballs seem to like to ingest on a regular basis. For you imbeciles the drug of choice isn’t beer or pot, its MARGARINE. Go to your mommies and whine!

And then there are the generic names, all of which I found on one webpage that has the specific goal of venting anger toward fat people: “stupid whale girl.” “OBESE PIG” “Fat people SUCK” “fat losers” “FUCK YOU FATTIES! I HOPE YOU DIE IN THE FILTH YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF” “UGLY, FAT ASSES” “nasty sweaty blubber rolls” “overweight, balding pathetic jerkoff LOSERS” “How much food can one pig woman…” “Shamu” “fat, overweight slobs” “blight on society”

Mostly they start to repeat themselves after that. I love it when the hatred is so overwhelming that they can’t even insult creatively.

And these are the tamer ones, in fact. I wouldn’t put the really nasty ones up on my blog.

I had always been a relatively thin person growing up, and as an adult, I was curvy but still in smaller sizes, and I loved my full figure. When I got sick in 2008, I put on some weight. After a year of fighting cellulitis and septecemia and a week in the hospital, then recovery time, and then the start of another condition that wasn’t diagnosed until just last week, and then hypothyroidism, severe, and a bunch of other things, topped off with the whipped cream and cherry (don’t you think food analogies and metaphors are appropriate?), double and triple doses of prednisone (that stuff does a number on a body!) and you are going to find that the body I had back in 2003 ain’t the body I’m left with today. I’m overweight. I know it.

But I never know quite so painfully as when I read comments like these, and I know there are others who struggle more than I do with weight, and I can’t imagine how that must feel, to every day be looked at, gawked at, joked about, made fun of, and treated like you aren’t even a human being. Nowhere is the hatred of fat people more prevalent than on the internet, where the people lacking in humanity, the cowards, can hide behind a keyboard and a monitor and talk like they aren’t human and they have no feelings and it wouldn’t bother them if someone talked this way about someone they loved.

But you are human. And you do have feelings. And those feelings matter to me. And they matter to other people too. The cowards are simply more vocal, more stupid in their ‘look at me, I’m making myself look good by making someone else look bad’.

When I was 18, 25, 30 and slender, I never once thought I’d be where I am today. I believed it wouldn’t happen to me. I did everything right, ate good foods, healthy, exercised, stayed active, kept busy, and I looked good. I watched my weight go up some, and then worked damned hard to get it off, only to watch myself get sick and the weight come on and stay. Will it ever come off? I don’t know. Mostly, I’ve learned not to care, because my health is so much more important than a few pounds, and my goal isn’t weight loss anymore at all. My goal is to be as healthy as I can be, and if that means I’m healthy and fat, I can so live with that. If it means I can be healthy and thin, then so much the better too.

Try going to Google and typing in “fat people are” and see the suggestions it offers.

I don’t understand this. I don’t understand this type of anger. I don’t understand this type of hatred. I don’t understand why people can’t show the slightest bit of human compassion.

Part of me wishes upon each of the haters that they have to go through what I and so many others of you out there have had to go through, just for a week, just so they could see. Then I think about myself at 25, and I say, “Some day, they just might realize firsthand…” They don’t think they’ll ever be fat, ever have to battle the bulge, ever have to struggle just to maintain status quo, never get sick. They are young and invincible, and there are so many worse things to be than fat… and being a hater in my book is one of them.

And yet, I wouldn’t wish their hatred on anyone, even them. But then, I still have my humanity intact.

Anyway, wasn’t really going anywhere with this. Was mostly just thinking out loud, but if you’re one of those people who have ever said something in hatred like this, how do you live with that type of hatred? How can you issue blanket statements without even knowing a person and stereotype like that? No, really, I want to know. How do you live with yourself behind all that hatred?

And to those who have struggled with weight, surely you’ve seen these things. What does it do to you inside? Emotionally, does it break you or make you more resilient? How do you handle it? Do you have any tricks, hints or tips for others?

Share your thoughts…

Love and fluffy stuff,

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23 comments to Fat People Suck! We're not even human!

  • gigahound  says:

    I feel some of what you are saying. For most of my life I was slightly overweight but fell within “safe” BMI margins because I had a lot of muscle mass for my height. Then, a few years ago, the untreated Sleep Apnea and depression caught up with and the next thing I knew I had gained almost 150 lbs in about three years.

    I tried to run it off as soon as I noticed my pants getting tighter, but Sleep Apnea does things to your metabolism and energy output. I just couldn’t keep up. I tried to eat less but I had two hour drives everyday for work and needed “pick-me-ups” to stay awake.

    My weight has finally begun to come down, just a little, now that my Sleep Apnea is being treated. I am also exercising again.

    But I am very well aware that employers are not interested in me at this time. You can see it when you walk into an interview. Their eyes do a once-over and the interview itself is pretty much over at that point, just a farce.

  • M. J. Rios  says:

    You know, here is something I’ve always wondered – if a fat person loses a tremendous amount of weight, do they still self-identify as fat? A friend of mine, morbidly-obese throughout his life, had gastric-bypass surgery about four years ago. He is now literally less than half the size he used to be (and probably the only person I know who did not gain the weight back after surgery) and has taken great pain to ‘cover up’ that he was ever fat, to the point of asking his friends on facebook to remove photos of him pre-surgery from their pages. I ask this – what is he afraid of? I’m a large fellow myself, though I was not quite his size, and went to the same high school as he did. Our experiences were very similar, but if I had been the one to lose the weight I doubt I would have found myself erasing all ‘proof’ that I was ever far to begin with… I wonder what the mindset there is? High school isn’t exceptionally kind to fat kids, I can tell you that, but I don’t look at those days and cringe. I had fun, I enjoyed my life (and still do to this day). So if I ever lost the weight, how would I see myself? That, I think, is a question I will have until the moment comes.

  • Charlotte Raynor Piggush  says:

    Great article!

  • Michy  says:

    MJ, I think that once you’ve developed a personality based on how you’ve been treated, that personality is difficult to change, but not impossible. For me? I don’t like full-body photos of myself on the internet, but then, I never liked that, even when I was thin. If I were to suddenly be thin again, I don’t think it would change me or how I acted, and I think I would actually be proud of how much I had lost, so I wouldn’t have any problems with admitting it.

    Shoot, I’m overweight now, and though I still don’t put up full-body pictures of myself and never will even if I get skinny again, I don’t have any problems saying I’m overweight.

    But I’m with you… life can be tough to someone who is overweight, but it can be tough to a kid with coke-bottle thick glasses or to a kid with adolescent acne or to a kid who…. you know what I mean?

    I guess my point is, we take it as it is dishes out and we get to decide how we deal with it.

    I hope some day you get to find out how you will deal with it once you lose weight, if for no other reason than you deserve to be the healthiest, happiest you that you can be – and if you don’t lose weight, I still hope you’re the healthiest happiest you that you can be!

    In fact, I guess I wish that for all of us, that we are all the healthiest, happiest YOU that YOU can be!

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  • Michy  says:

    Hey, Giga! Glad to see you back around again. I hope you’ll stick around, ’cause we miss ya!

    I’m also very happy to hear you’re feeling better and weight loss is just a great fringe benefit of your being healthier. Hope that CPAP keeps you breathing!

  • Magena Fawn  says:

    Thanks for this sensitive piece. As long as we don’t speak to ourselves like some of these unconscious people do. I have a thyroid problem and weight has been hard to keep off.

  • Andrea Sonnenberg  says:

    Fat people are … people.

    I’ve always thought it funny how people are generally understanding of anorectics, bulimics, and others with eating disorders, but people suffering from obesity — and let’s face it, quite a large percentage of people with morbid obesity are suffering from binge eating disorder or a non-specified eating disorder — get no sympathy at all. We live in a society deluged with food ads, greasy fried foods, food drenched in sugar and fat, and created and marketed to be highly appealing … but God help anyone who gives in to it.

    Alcoholics and drug addicts get more sympathy than a food addict.

    My mother was a food addict. She was tiny-thin (5’6″ and 102 pounds) until she’d had two children, and she began struggling with bipolar disorder. Her drug of choice was food, and she ballooned to more than 350 pounds. She finally decided to have a roux en y surgery to lose the weight, and the surgery led to cascading health problems that ultimately killed her. At just 56. I no longer have a mother because people hate fat people.

    Thank you, Haters, for that.

  • Brenda  says:

    It is just my opinion but I think a lot of time “haters” are in a mode of deep seated fear. It would not surprise me at all to find these people have large relatives and are scared the same thing could happen to them. Isnt it pretty much a proven fact that humans respond to things they fear in one of two ways- Run from it or Destroy it? If they can “destroy” all the fat people in the world then they do not have to face the fact that they may not always be perfect…. Just a theory for what it is worth.

  • avmf8  says:

    I don’t believe people can not help being fat. Then it gets called a disease. I find that insulting since I genuinely have a disease. So I take offense to obesity, alcoholism, drug habit, smoking or anything along those lines as a disease. It is a true fact obesity is the same as any addiction. But in addiction I do not give people a free pass since they let themselves get there to begin with.

    But my obese I don’t mean someone with just a bit of a large behind or gut or slightly chunky in some way. I mean the double chin kind of overweight. I don’t believe when the poster says you can be fat and healthy. That is like saying a smoker can be healthy.

    I take steroids for my condition that cause weight gain. I also am unable to walk and am in a wheelchair do to my health issue. I also have a sleeping problem unrelated to my condition but still its there. See I have to sleep allot more then normal people do. I take fattening drugs I sleep allot I do not do much yet I am thin.

    I literally cannot get off my butt yet I am still thin. I am not thin do to my condition. I am thin because I know I don’t do much and cant walk and exercise but I am careful about my diet. So no junk food no high calorie foods very often. When I eat junk food its a small portion.

    I think if someone has a gland problem or something that makes them prone to being obese they should avoid fattening food just as a diabetic should avoid sugary and starchy food.

    It also cant be denied many people are obese are obese because they eat too much and not do to a medical condition. I find fat people an insult to me. Do to the fact I have been born with health issues. I never had a chance to be healthy. I have spent my whole life wanting to not be disabled. Then I see people who have what I would give anything for and they throw it away like its garbage. By that I mean they ruin there health for something as small as food.

    To not have my condition I would drink water and eat flavorless goop the rest of my life. To me being able to walk is more important then the taste of good food. Which is not just a preference its fact. Being able to walk and do things is more important then eating food that tastes good.

    I want people to not eat fattening food and do all the walking I cant do and never will be able to do. Many morbidly obese people loose there ability to walk just from there weight. That is a bad reason to end up disabled. Many people over eating are crippling themselves. they are not only throwing away quality of life they are throwing away years of there life. Which also I find offensive. since my condition is also going to shorten my lifespan. It will be a miracle if I even live to 60 years old. I doubt I will live longer. Reason being is if I live longer then 60 years old that means I am the oldest living documented case of a person with my condition.

    I want the time someone obese threw away from simply the diet they chose. Being obese is a choice. there is nothing anyone can say to change my view on this. I cannot be swayed on this and will have this mindset every day of my life.

    Considering I have a condition I could not do anything to not have I think my mindset is justified.

    • admin  says:

      And I think that your mindset is not justified and your bigotry in the face of adversity is a bigger problem for you than any of the medical or health conditions with which you suffer. I’d rather have every one of your health problems and all of mine heaped on top of them than to even for one moment suffer from the cruel intolerance of your misguided self-righteousness in believing you have any right to judge others in the manner in which you just did.

  • rich5432  says:

    Those who are 10% over their BMI should be sent to Beneful!!

    • Michy Devon  says:

      It’s really sad–overweight people can lose weight, but hatred destroys people from the inside out. I hope you get some help for your hatred, before it consumes you.

  • Wow  says:

    Wow, Admin you’re a joke. A disgusting joke. AVMF8 just told an inspiring story about their struggles but in your mind all you could take away from it was what you saw as an attack on your right to be fat. You’re a lazy piece of shit and most likely a disgusting tub of lard. Also, what exactly isn’t true about (Laziness + time = Fat + Lazy + More Time = Morbidly obese) Get off your asses fatties. If you’re all so confident about your weight you wouldn’t write fucking books about why nobody should comment on it.

    • Michy Devon  says:

      There is nothing inspirational about intolerance, nothing. There was nothing inspirational in that post either–we don’t get to be inspirational at the expense of others, and we do get to be inspirational by using the adversity life gives us, overcoming and carrying on in joy and gratitude and abundance and faith and love and all those other wonderful things life has to offer, in spite of our difficulties. I see complaints in that post–no rising above, nothing to bring anyone joy, nothing of accomplishment and abundance for living.

      I have a terminal illness and it has nothing to do with my weight whatsoever–I’d rather be 500 pounds and alive than thin and dying–and that’s including knowing I’d have to deal with the hatred spewed by people like you if that were the case. I’m not 500 pounds, and I am dying, and still, as angry as I have a right to be about that, I am more tolerant, happy, and accepting than you appear to be with your words. That, to me, makes me sad–for you. And I will send you my hopes for fulfillment–I hope you find something that will remove that hatred and bring more joy and love and acceptance into your heart. Life is too short for anything else.

      Empathy and basic human compassion goes a long way in life, and as heartbreaking as your anger inside of you is to me, I hope you never have to face the intolerance or judgement you just attempted–unsuccessfully–to dump on me.

      I’m better than that, and I rise above it. I hope when your time comes to deal with intolerance–and everyone eventually does at some point–you have the strength and the security to do the same.

    • Amy  says:

      Wow- You are a sad excuse for a human being. You don’t know Michy! You don’t know her health issues. As she said, she is suffering from a severe illness, and it isn’t ‘obesity’. How dare you sit there and judge her when you don’t even know her! Your post only showed how immature you truly are and how sad you must be. Just because you’re miserable doesn’t give you the right to inflict your pain onto someone as sweet as Michy, who doesn’t deserve that hatred. But you do!

      • Michy Devon  says:

        Well, no one really deserves hatred… it’s okay to hate the hatred, but try as best we can to love the person. Thank you for your kind words about me, Amy. That’s very sweet.

  • Shella  says:

    I don’t see the person as inspirational at all. I see a bitter person that uses the fact that they are in a wheelchair to do nothing with their time but sit in judgement of others & then spew hate. Maybe some of that time could be better spent getting a grasp on the English language and the proper use of it… See, I worked with a gentleman that was paralyzed from the neck down – although he did have some use of his arms. He was in a wheelchair. This man drove himself to work every day & worked 70 hours a week as a very gifted engineer. There is an old saying. Walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you even pretend to know them enough to criticize or judge. Or think, “Gee, they don’t LOOK sick, so they must be lazy” as such people that judge like that could be told, “& you don’t look stupid or mean, yet here we are!”

    • Michy Devon  says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw and felt bitterness from that post. Definitely not inspirational to me. But I have to give props to the engineer, and folks like Hawking, man, and I realize every day that as sad as I sometimes get over what’s going on with me, there are people who are worse, and I try to be grateful for the good I do have, because those folks ARE inspirational. People who take pot-shots at others on the internet are just trolls–that’s not inspirational at all.

      Thanks for commenting, Shella!

  • Jason  says:


    The only joke is you and your ability of internet bravado. I can promise that you would never have the intestinal fortitude to say that to the face of anyone, and that makes you the joke.

    • Michy Devon  says:

      And really, Jason, that is the shortened, super-condensed point I was trying to make: People on the internet think nothing of saying and doing things they would NEVER do in person in a million years.

      But then I see that video of the teens/kids teasing that bus monitor, and making her cry, and I wonder if we’re not slowly building a society that will do that in person.

      At least she got a few 100-thousand bucks in compensation.

  • Swati Nitin Gupta  says:

    Intolerance for a fellow human being is a way cowards deal with the life! It has got nothing to do with the people they are being intolerable to but has everything to do with themselves who know that the only way they can look good is by putting others down. Not realising the fact life is like a boomerang and whatever you throw at others come back to you at a double speed with an increased impact. All I can say is God Bless them and Forgive them for they do not know what they are doing or saying.

  • Carla  says:

    I have an aunt who is extremely obese, it’s probably life threatening now, if not, it will be soon. I love her. I enjoy her company. She’s always been good to me. But how would I feel if she read those quotes? I would feel fine about it because it’s probably something she needs to read. But I have to give her credit, she’s way larger than most people that collect disability for obesity but she still works and does not collect nor have a placard. Yeah, we have to leave her at entrances of places and pick her up, but she doesn’t expect to be paid for the choice she made. Maybe some people need an etiquette lesson and shouldn’t be so cruel, but fat people need to wake up too. Yeah, yeah, drugs like Prednisone can make you fat. You might have an inactive thyroid, etc. etc. etc. That, unfortunately, means you might have to work harder but it’s still no excuse. We don’t tell kids in first grade, “Yeah, that’s a hard word. You might as well give up and never learn to read.” The other problem I find with fat people is they can be equally hateful. I jog around the track at a local park and there are groups of overweight women walking too, giving me dirty looks. Why? And I often get the comment, “You’re lucky you’re so thin…” HA! Luck has nothing to do with it. Maybe when I was 16 and could eat anything I wanted I was lucky. But now, and especially after a broken ankle (and I DID gain some weight with that!) I work VERY hard to stay in shape. Instead of gabbing in groups, going around the track twice at a snail’s pace like the overweight women, I run 7 miles. And articles like this encourage them to continue their denial. I can guarantee those women went home and said, “Hey! I worked out for 45 minutes today! I deserve to have another bowl of ice cream.” It’s time to be honest: they’re lazy and refuse to use even an iota of self-discipline. Don’t you think I’d love to stuff my face all the time? I love that line, “Oh, but I love food…” WHO DOESN’T?

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