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Cat & Mouse (Best of Michy: 2004)

Just a little something that happened a while back that I wrote up and shared then on an old blog, but I thought since I hadn’t posted much recently (busy getting the last of the Elements anthologies ready for publication!) , I thought I’d just copy and paste some old writings for you guys to enjoy, since you guys haven’t read them yet!

Most of my blog fodder and amusing antidotes come from the brat boy, my son. Every now and then, though, my daughter pulls a good one. Today, she’s 23 years old. She was a teenager when this episode happened. So, this is one of my faves from the archives of my daughter.

~~Cat & Mouse (& Kid)~~

Our kitty cat brought me a pres...

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What You See Ain’t What You Get

So my mother’s husband’s brother died last week, and the funeral was held today (yesterday for those who have been to bed already. I haven’t yet, so it’s still Friday for me.) I live about 10 hours away from where the funeral and my family is, and due to health reasons am unable to travel to attend. My mother is not a big flower and niceties person, and I knew they were busy trying to plan a funeral at a distance (they live two hours or so from the funeral home). Terry, the deceased, was a mentally challenged man, sweet, bubbly, kind, full of brightness, but his friends in the group home where he lived and was loved did not have money to buy flowers, so I knew there might not be many there. Everyone deserves flowers at a funeral. I just believe flowers are comforting and beautiful and special–and Terry was special, so we wanted nice ones for him.

So my contribution from my distance was to purchase some nice flowers. I talked to my best friend who is a flower-buyer. She has a premium account with a particular company and she enjoys sending flowers as gifts on special occasions, to family out of town, for just becauses… so I trusted her, since she’d always had decent experiences. My flower-buying experience online have never been very good. I usually bought in person, so I let her take the lead.

We spent four hours picking out the right...

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