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Book Review: Frosty, The Adventures of a Morgan Horse, by Ellen F. Feld

Though I don’t usually review middle-grade, teen, tween or children’s books, I was impressed with Ellen Feld’s bibliography. Having recently read and enjoyed Bubba Goes National , a mi ddle-grade horse fiction tale by Jennifer Walker, I knew I wanted to check out other books in the genre. 

About Ellen F. Feld, Author of Frosty, The Adventures of a Morgan Horse

Ellen F. Feld is an indie author who has penned numerous middle-grade fiction books about horses, particularly Morgan horses, for the horse-lover in all age ranges. She has won the Children’s Choice Award that is sponsored by the International Reading Association and the Children’s Book Council, a prestigious awards for an indie writer. A quick search on reveals seven horse-related fiction titles for Ellen and her stable of horse books.

About the Book: Frosty, The Adventures of a Morgan Horse

This second book in the series of books by author Feld begins with Heather, our leading teen horse-loving protagonist, at a horse auction. While there, she spots an unusual looking but rather shy mare in a corral, near an anxious and excitable show-offy horse. Heather eventually coaxes the mare to come to her, where the two establish a connection.

Later, Heather bids on and buys the horse, only to discover the horse just might be a rare gray Morgan horse. Heather calls the horse Frosty, after her gray and frosted coloring, and once she brings her home, cleans her up and falls in love. Unfortunately, the mare’s timid nature turns out to be more than just being shy. It seems Frosty knows nothing of training for showing, and worse, was likely abused or at the very least mistreated by her previous owner.


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Author Interview: Ellen J. Feld

Short Biography of Ellen J. Feld:

I’ve been writing stories since I was a very young child (a long time ago!) I have a series of books that I wrote in third grade – I have always loved to write. But I never considered actually becoming a writer. It sort of just happened. My writing career started to take shape about 25 years ago when I got my first paid job as a freelance writer for a horse magazine. I’ve written for horse magazines steadily since then. My first book was started when I was between magazine assignments and now I concentrate on my books – I find it much more rewarding.

I’ve been a horse lover my entire life and my stories all revolve around horses. There’s nothing more relaxing and satisfying as hanging around the barn. My horses are like big dogs and love to hang out with me and get (and give!) kisses. They are my inspiration and all my story ideas come from them and hanging around the barn. If I’m having trouble with a story line, I’ll stop writing and go to the barn. Hanging out with the horses for a few hours usually gets me right back on track.

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For the first time in weeks, I was alone. Just a few months prior, I had been homeless, and I had spent much time alone. At that time, I never would have thought I’d welcome alone time again. But there I was, grateful for quiet.

I had come to appreciate the beauty in silences. Too many years of angry shouting—my parents shouting at me, my parents shouting at each other, my sister shouting at me, the man I’d just left shouting at me, his family shouting at each other—so silence and peace and quiet were all treasured.

With one phone call, the call I was about to make, all the silence, the peace, the quiet would be changed. It would, I feared, be replaced by questions, lots of questions, so many questions. And tears. There would be questions, tears, and perhaps shouting again.

That wa...

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