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I found me! Update & Stuff

Okay, so for those who have been following my health saga, you probably know what’s going on with me. For those who haven’t, I’ll briefly update. I got a couple of diagnoses from different doctors, and none of them agreed with the other ones. It’s very frustrating when doctors can’t agree. How is a patient supposed to know what to do? One says to take steroids because I have Addison’s Disease, and he bases this decision on blood work and lab tests that clearly show my natural steroid level is low, and prescribes me steroids, then tests me again in a month and my natural steroids (cortisol) is still low, so he ups them again. Another looks at a middle aged overweight woman and without even looking at any blood work or lab tests, says there is absolutely no way I can have Addison’s Disease and to tells me to stop taking the steroids, immediately.

So I did. Not because I really wanted to, but because he ordered a second $500 ACTH stimulation test to try to prove to me that I don’t have Addison’s Disease. I stopped taking the pills the other doctor had given me to prove to him I do, because I know the ACTH stimulation test will be the same again if I take it. I knew it was right. Why in God’s name I didn’t stand up for myself and tell him that in the office I will never know. I think I was just defeated.


So I came off the steroids, and for three days...

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