Daily Archives August 3, 2011

Michy’s Murphy’s Laws–Ironic Little Life Funnies

We bought my big dog, Jake The Dog, a feeding trough. It’s a bench-type food bowl, made just for dogs like him, an 85 pound plus dog, so that they don’t have to bend over and put strain on the spine to eat out of a traditional food bowl. It’s supposed to be good to use it from the time they are young, so their backs stay strong and healthy as they age. He loves his trough. He goes right to it, scoops up a huge mouthful of food, walks two feet away, tosses the food on the floor, bends over and eats it, then goes back to the trough.

The quietness of the house is proportionate to the damage the teenage boy (Brat Boy) is doing and thinks he’s being sneaky about.

When the Brat Boy yells...

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