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The Facebook Song, by Michy (sung to American Pie tune)

An original parody that maybe some day I’ll actually perform and put up on YouTube or something some day when I’m feeling better. For now, you’ll just have to read it and know that you can sing it to the tune of American Pie, by Don McClean. Here’s the music so you can get the tune if you don’t know it, but I think most of you will know it.

The Facebook Song, by Michy

A long, long time ago
I swore that I would never get
An account on Facebook, or any site like that
But they said if I took a chance
That I could harvest cows real fast
And maybe meet some friends from ‘89
So I logged on the Facebook page
To see how much my friends had aged
How did they get so fat?
I wonder where the men’s hair’s at…

So I clicked to send a friend request
To those who I remembered best
Some approve, ...

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My Heart is Not Broken, But Something Else Is

If it’s not one thing, it will always be another, because that’s the way things go… one thing leads to another... (yes, I can hear you singing that ’80s tune in your head now, and if you’re not, then you’ll click that link and go listen and get it stuck in your head and be mad at me for it! Ha!)…

But where my health is concerned, I believe that I have now researched, studied, watched videos, read about, and asked questions of doctors and literally been to dozens, if not more, doctors. I have actually been more knowledgeable about some of the medications the docs gave me and some of the conditions I’m dealing with than the doctors are. I feel almost like I’m getting a medical degree, not much different than the PAs and NPs I see at the teaching hospital clinic where I currently go. Sometimes, I have caught mistakes or interactions that were missed by docs. It’s proactive, but it’s sort of scary when you think that some patients take what doctors say as gospel truth and then don’t do the research or catch these mistakes. Docs are only human. Mistakes do happen.

However, recently, it’s sometimes tough for me to justify paying these ...

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