Daily Archives September 6, 2011

I Ain’t Broke, Broken, or Borked

A week ago, I went to a new doctor. This doctor is part of the UTMB teaching facility. My goal in going to this new doctor was two fold: 1) find a new doctor who could treat me and dcoordinate my care for me between all the specialist, one who would look at all their reports, all their medications, all their recommendations and make sure none of it conflicted with anything else. Why? Because I had a PA who gave me a BP medication that interacted with, in a bad way, my metabolism and absorption and conversion of T3 Cytomel, given to me by another doctor, and it took a cardiologist (a third doctor) to tell us that this wasn’t good and take me off the medication. A primary care doctor who is supposed to be coordinating my care should have caught that. 2) I wanted/needed to get into the UTMB system.

UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch

UTMB ...

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