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Guilty Conscience?

I was doing an internet search on my name… not vanity, marketing. I regularly search my name in various forms to see how my articles and reprints are doing and be sure to connect with and thank those who pick up my reprints.Today, while searching for “michelle devon” I ran across a description in Google that indicated that Michelle Devon had an outsanding warrant from 1995, Garland, Texas. Well, I LIVED in Garland, TX in 1995, (kinda a suburb of Dallas, for those who don’t know where it is). So my first reaction was, “Did I ever get a ticket or something else while I was there? What the heck is this?”

I clicked on the link and furiously was trying to find the information on what Michelle Devon had an outstanding warrant for……until it hit me, and when it did, I started laughing profu...
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Writing Short Stories?

I had a friend, who is writing her first novel, recently ask me if writing short stories was a good idea for a writer. The honest answer is, I don’t know, but the more I thought on it, the more I do think it’s a good idea.

Writing short stories and getting them published is a good thing for many reasons, in my opinion, particularly if you can get those short stories published in a paying market of any kind, online or otherwise, but excluding internet ‘content’ sites.

There are a ton of short story internet sites now that are paying anywhere from $10 to as much as $1500-2500 bucks for one quality short story. There are also anthologies that are paying to publish shorts too.

Now, anthologies are essentially books that are full novel sized books, but instead of one story, it contains several short stories, usually by more than one author (not always). There are several different ways payment for anthologies work.

Books like the Chicken ...

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Book Review: BLUE, by Lou Aronica

BLUE, by Lou Aronica, was slow getting started, and I have to admit upfront that it took me quite some time to get through the beginning. It didn’t take too long for the story to finally pick up though and I was hooked from that point on. Let’s look at the good and bad of this book:


The characters, at first especially, seemed flat; I couldn’t find much sympathy for the teen protagonist, Becky, and the mother seemed to have little redeeming qualities to her. The divorce is one thing, but the attitude she had toward her ex-husband, when she is supposed to love her daughter so much, just never rang true to me at all.

Then there was this Gage character. I don’t know who Gage is. I don’t really CARE who Gage is...

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Book Review: DEAD GAME, by Jennifer Chase

Dead Game: An Emily Stone Novel
The plot idea was killer: An online role-playing detective/spy game that only an elite few who know how to access it are able to be a part of. The game has people searching for clues in real life, reporting back on the internet site for the game. Then a serial killer breaks loose in real life, leaving people dead–and evidence that the deaths have been filmed and documented exist. The only connection to the murder victims soon is revealed that they all were part of the role-playing game EagleEye (Which is sometimes one word, sometimes two words, sometimes italicized and sometimes in quotes throughout the novel.)

I have multiple problems with this very interesting plot line...

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Book Review: THE NEXT ACCIDENT, by Lisa Gardner

I Really Wanted to Love This Book…

… But unfortunately, I did not love it. I did, however, like it. It was entertaining if you’re not the type of reader who wants too much from a book. I personally prefer ‘more’. I agree with many of the other commentators who posted their reviews on Amazon.com for this book that the elephant dream was superfluous. Well, okay, the dream wasn’t so much, but the violence in the dream was. The same intent could have been conveyed without damaging the psyche of the reader to the point that it did. The result to Raine could have still had the same impact with the graphic nature of the dream.

Quincy and Raine are an unlikely pair. I realize that the book prior to this one went more in-depth with their relationship, but it was lukewarm at best...

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Book Review: SPIN THE PLATE, by Donna Anastasi

RECOMMENDED READING: SPIN THE PLATE, by Donna Anastasi – Yes, I do recommend this book for adding to the your reading list!


SPIN THE PLATE, by Donna Anastasi features Jo, who is a fa├žade of tough-as-nails with a bit of tender-as-a-kitten underneath female tattoo artist with a near comic-book vigilante personal life. She’s both likable if you get to know her and disdainful from a distance. She wears her weight and size and attitude as a shield to keep people at a distance, and yet, reveals her softness through the animal rescue activities and several scenes in the book in which she protects, fights for, or encourages those who are the ‘underdog’ position.

The story of Jo’s life,...

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