Guilty Conscience?

I was doing an internet search on my name… not vanity, marketing. I regularly search my name in various forms to see how my articles and reprints are doing and be sure to connect with and thank those who pick up my reprints.Today, while searching for “michelle devon” I ran across a description in Google that indicated that Michelle Devon had an outsanding warrant from 1995, Garland, Texas. Well, I LIVED in Garland, TX in 1995, (kinda a suburb of Dallas, for those who don’t know where it is). So my first reaction was, “Did I ever get a ticket or something else while I was there? What the heck is this?”

I clicked on the link and furiously was trying to find the information on what Michelle Devon had an outstanding warrant for……until it hit me, and when it did, I started laughing profusely – so hard I was actually crying.

Michelle Devon is my pen name… not my legal name, and I surely didn’t use that name back in 1995. THAT is how much a part of me my writing has become, I guess.

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One comment to Guilty Conscience?

  • Amy Black  says:

    I didn’t know that Michelle Devon wasn’t your real name…. Hmmm… Learn something new everyday.

    But that is quite funny….. lol

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