Daily Archives October 11, 2011

Definitely Vs. Defiantly

Hi there!

It’s your friendly editor, Michelle L Devon, here to bring you a blog on editing hints and tips, as well as to talk about Commonly Misused Words in Writing.

However, before I begin the blog, I would like to comment on a word that I regularly see misused that I don’t believe is an error in use as much as it is a Spell Check problem. Many times, I have seen writers use the word DEFIANTLY when the word they mean to use is DEFINITELY.

  • Defiantly is defined as meaning: rebelliously: in a rebellious manner.
  • Definitely is defined as meaning: decidedly: without question and beyond doubt.

As you can see, these two words mean very different things, but many times, I see writers using defiantly instead of definitely...

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