Definitely Vs. Defiantly

Hi there!

It’s your friendly editor, Michelle L Devon, here to bring you a blog on editing hints and tips, as well as to talk about Commonly Misused Words in Writing.

However, before I begin the blog, I would like to comment on a word that I regularly see misused that I don’t believe is an error in use as much as it is a Spell Check problem. Many times, I have seen writers use the word DEFIANTLY when the word they mean to use is DEFINITELY.

  • Defiantly is defined as meaning: rebelliously: in a rebellious manner.
  • Definitely is defined as meaning: decidedly: without question and beyond doubt.

As you can see, these two words mean very different things, but many times, I see writers using defiantly instead of definitely. The reason for this is most likely because the writer has begun to type the word ‘definitely’ and spells it incorrectly, and thus Spell Check in MS Word auto corrects the word to ‘defiantly’.

I beg of you writers, please be sure to watch for Spell Check grabbing a word and auto correcting it like this and make sure it truly IS the word you intended to use – in fact, I truly encourage all real writers to turn off the auto-correct and auto-format features in MS Word, because they can really screw things up for writers.

Okay, moving right along, in this blog, you will find hints and tips for self editing and proofreading your writing, and information on the most common mistakes this editor sees when I am working on novels and book for other authors and publishers.

Keep in mind, I write very quickly in this blog and I do not edit it as well as I should, so you will sometimes see a mistake or typo here. Just because I make mistakes on this blog doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about – it probably just means I’m a lazy blogger!

If you ever have a specific question, please let me know and I’ll address it!

Have a great one!


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