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How To Write a Good Poem

What constitutes good poetry differs from person to person, and what one reader might enjoy, another will not. Judging a good poem is very subjective. Basically, this means there is no way to truly determine what ‘good’ poetry is, but there is a way to tell if poetry is ‘bad.’Poetry, more than any other type of writing, is usually very personal or emotional. Because of this, readers will like poetry with which they can feel a personal or emotional connection and probably won’t like poetry with which they cannot connect. Just because someone can’t relate to the emotion of a poem doesn’t mean the poem is bad, and just because some can relate to a poem doesn’t necessarily mean it is good. Like I said, it’s very subjective.

The first thing you most know about poetry is that there is no set of ‘rules’ for poetry. While there are some guidelines for certain types of poetry, such as a haiku (which is written in seventeen-syllable verse form, arranged in three lines of five, seven and five syllables), most poetry tends to be free verse. Some of it rhymes and some of it doesn’t, and that’s okay!

When writing poetry, avoid using all caps or toggling between upper and lower...

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