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Biting My Tongue

Okay, so you all probably know what ‘biting my tongue’ means… usually, it means that you’re trying not to say something that you know might not be taken well by someone else, or else, someone has upset you and you’re biting your tongue so you don’t snap back at them. Well, both of these are probably true for me at some point or another through this health ordeal I’m going through, but in this instance, I intend to talk about biting my tongue quite literally.

When I first started writing about my health issues, I knew that it was either going to be an all or nothing type of thing. I was either going to be honest about what was going on with me and share most everything (barring others privacy along the way), or I was not going to share much at all. So that means that sometimes the things I have to share are a bit ugly, embarrassing or awkard. That’s what I have to share today, some awkward and slightly embarassing things, but I think that it will help others who are also experiencing these things to realize they are not alone, not crazy, not gross, ugly, nasty or whatever else you might attribute to these awkward things.

Death and life and health are all messy things...

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Using Non Possessive Apostrophes in Professional Writing

Ladies and gentlemen, my day job is that of an editor, and it’s difficult for me to read for pleasure anymore without pointing out obvious errors in writing. Don’t get me wrong, in casual writing, I make plenty or typos and grammatical errors myself (just look at my blog for proof of that!) but in professional writing, it is important to pay attention to the details.

When perusing the internet, there is one particular grammatical error that bugs me when I see it that is consistently used improperly. The use of the apostrophe in writing should be reserved for missing letters (contractions) and possessives only. It is not used to denote plurals.

In order to help combat this increasingly common punctuation error, this article will provide a very brief explanation about how to use apostrophes in your writing when you are dealing with non possessive words, acronyms and dates. English is a living language, after all, and oftentimes when something is used incorrectly long enough, it becomes the ‘norm’ and grammar changes. This is one I’d like to see NOT change:


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My Life: The Movie (reprint)

Just shy of 41 years ago (gasp) I was offered a starring role in a soon to be released move called My Life. I wasn’t really given a choice whether or not I wanted to play the role; it was a union thing, just kinda had to do it. I suppose that if I had ever wanted to, I could have ended the role in My Life at any time, but truth is, I’ve never been one to take the easy way out of anything; so I played my part as best I could with what I had to work with. I wasn’t able to choose the original cast, the budget was low, and the setting was really poor, but I gave it my best.

During the production of this film, I was offered plenty of opportunities to play my part alongside others, cameo appearances by people who played the parts of ‘friends’ and then there were the recurring roles of  ‘family’,...

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Author Interview: Donna Anastasi

Author Mini-Bio: Donna Anastasi

I love all things small and furry and travel the country doing small animal education, including judging at 4H and small animal shows. I wrote a still-popular gerbil care book (Bowtie Press) in 2005 and, in 2008, authored a chinchilla guide (Bowtie Press) promoting these charming, engaging creatures as companion animals, not coats. Spin the Plate published May 2010 and re-released July 2011 (Black Rose Writing) is my first novel. One thread in this contemporary, urban love story is the role of animal rehabilitation as a first step in healing from one’s own abusive past.

My day job is as a user experience and interaction designer for web-based applications...

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Ways to Make Money Online (It’s not what you think!)

Everywhere I turn today people are wanting to turn a buck and are hoping to do it online. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to work in order to make that happen. Folks are thinking, “Hey, just pop up something on a blog, put a link here, sell this or that, and I’m going to be the next internet millionaire.”

Uhm, it don’t work that way, fool.

I’ve been making money working from home for about eleven or twelves years now or so… the first couple of years were lean, let me tell you. But once I learned the tricks of the trade, I now make a pretty decent income working from home and working online.

Today, I’m gonna share my secrets with you.

Ways to Make Money Online

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Hospital Update & More

Okay, so I’ve been in the hospital now since Wednesday, I think. I feel like I’ve been here forever. I think about people like my good friend and Ninja Warrior Writer Rissa Watkins, who had to spend over a month in the hospital for cancer treatment, and I wonder how folks handle it. I’m going absolutely stir crazy. The last time I was in the hospital, back in September, I was in for 6 days. But I felt so lousy then, I mostly slept, ate, slept, moaned and whined, and slept. But this time, I’m not feeling as bad… I’m sicker in one respect but feeling better in another, so I’m stir crazy. All they will let me do is sit in bed and watch TV. Well, I never watch TV at home… at least I have the computer, which is an absolute life saver for my sanity.

Plus, having the computer keeps me connected to you all… which, in case none of you know, means everything to me. I mean, literally, everything. Reading your comments here and on Facebook and on the forum actually make me feel better emotionally and brighten my day. You guys have no idea how much it means. Also, being able to hear stories from you guys of yourself or people you know who have tried the things I’ve got coming up helps too. I’ve been reassured that the Versed and Fentanyl sedation for the procedure I’m going to have on Monday will be super easy for me and I won’t remember a thing. Yay!

QUICK MEDICAL UPDATE – (yeah, right, like I can write anything ‘quick’)

So here’s the rundown:

INFECTION: The infections, cellulitis, in my legs that you guys might or...

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Best of Michy: I Cannot Save You

Michy’s Note: This was written by me, over ten years ago now, and I’ve shared it in The Path and on AC and a few other places, but it’s one of my favorite essays, because it speaks to a condition in society that is tough for everyone: codependency. It’s a buzz word, but in the instance of this essay, it was written with the thought of a drug addict and alcoholic in mind. However, drugs and alcohol aren’t the only types of situations that result in codependency. I think anyone who has been in this situation for any type of codependency with be able to relate to this one. Enjoy, please share, and hopefully comment too – I just love comments!


I can watch you on the water, struggling to breathe, reaching for the safety of the shore.

And I cannot save you.

I can reach for you and try to pull you ...

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Book Review: Commune of Women, by Suzan Still

Commune of Women, by Suzan Still is one of those books I can’t quite pin down a numerical ‘star’ rating. There are aspects I truly loved and others that disappointed. The action starts quickly, so we readers are drawn in immediately. We can only see the story from the point of view (POV) of one character at a time. Each ‘section’ (they aren’t quite chapters), is told from a different character’s POV. This makes the story interesting in that readers get to see multiple perspectives, but it does nothing for the cohesiveness of the plot. In fact, there really isn’t a strong plotline for this book.

Let’s look at plotline though: seven different women are in the LAX airport at the time a terrorist attack takes place...

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Happy Halloween!

We have a fair amount of trick or treaters at the door tonight, so it’s been fun to see and hear the little kids who are so happy about this holiday. Our doggie, Jake, is currently taking his AKC good citizenship training, so this has been a lot of fun training him not to bark when the doorbell rings, to sit and stay and not move until the kids and grownups begging for candy leave. He’s doing really good. It’s better than any training we could do at the store, where distractions are supposed to be ignored. This is awesome, to watch him actually using the training we’ve been paying for and doing it right. He’s very proud of himself.

Of course, now he’s going to think that he gets a treat every time the doorbell rings!

We made popcorn balls tonight and Rice Krispie Treats...

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