Happy Halloween!

We have a fair amount of trick or treaters at the door tonight, so it’s been fun to see and hear the little kids who are so happy about this holiday. Our doggie, Jake, is currently taking his AKC good citizenship training, so this has been a lot of fun training him not to bark when the doorbell rings, to sit and stay and not move until the kids and grownups begging for candy leave. He’s doing really good. It’s better than any training we could do at the store, where distractions are supposed to be ignored. This is awesome, to watch him actually using the training we’ve been paying for and doing it right. He’s very proud of himself.

Of course, now he’s going to think that he gets a treat every time the doorbell rings!

We made popcorn balls tonight and Rice Krispie Treats. So much sugar, so much fun! The popcorn balls turned out terrific, firm but still chewy and yummy.

I didn’t dress up for Halloween… but my kids, my nearly grown and grown kids, did hair color, glitter, face painting, etc. My son dressed up as a painted rock star, using his PS3 rock band guitar and painted face and colored fauxhawk for a costume. He looks like a colorful KISS member… he’s actually seventeen years old and is about to go trick or treating. Really. Shrug. Some boys never grow up, I guess. If he can get candy from someone, well, so be it.

Me, I’m sitting here watching the clock wondering if I’m going to be awake at midnight to get a jump on NaNoWriMo.

What about you? What did/are you doing for Halloween?

Love and stuff,

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One comment to Happy Halloween!

  • Beth  says:

    This is my current Facebook status: “We had quite a few adult trick-or-treaters this year, without kids in tow. One lady of about 35 gave me grief after looking over the candy selection because there weren’t any peanut M&Ms in the mix. She said they topped her wish list and it took all I had not to remind her that I’m not her fairy godmother.”

    In the comments, I added, “There was also a teenager with a lit joint hanging out of his Texas Chainsaw guy mask. Craziest year ever for bad trick-or-treaters.”

    We always get a huge number of trick-or-treaters, and this year was no exception. Most of them were cute, polite kids and teens, but there were an unusual number of crazies this year, too.

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