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Best of Michy: I Cannot Save You

Michy’s Note: This was written by me, over ten years ago now, and I’ve shared it in The Path and on AC and a few other places, but it’s one of my favorite essays, because it speaks to a condition in society that is tough for everyone: codependency. It’s a buzz word, but in the instance of this essay, it was written with the thought of a drug addict and alcoholic in mind. However, drugs and alcohol aren’t the only types of situations that result in codependency. I think anyone who has been in this situation for any type of codependency with be able to relate to this one. Enjoy, please share, and hopefully comment too – I just love comments!


I can watch you on the water, struggling to breathe, reaching for the safety of the shore.

And I cannot save you.

I can reach for you and try to pull you ...

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