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Hospital Update & More

Okay, so I’ve been in the hospital now since Wednesday, I think. I feel like I’ve been here forever. I think about people like my good friend and Ninja Warrior Writer Rissa Watkins, who had to spend over a month in the hospital for cancer treatment, and I wonder how folks handle it. I’m going absolutely stir crazy. The last time I was in the hospital, back in September, I was in for 6 days. But I felt so lousy then, I mostly slept, ate, slept, moaned and whined, and slept. But this time, I’m not feeling as bad… I’m sicker in one respect but feeling better in another, so I’m stir crazy. All they will let me do is sit in bed and watch TV. Well, I never watch TV at home… at least I have the computer, which is an absolute life saver for my sanity.

Plus, having the computer keeps me connected to you all… which, in case none of you know, means everything to me. I mean, literally, everything. Reading your comments here and on Facebook and on the forum actually make me feel better emotionally and brighten my day. You guys have no idea how much it means. Also, being able to hear stories from you guys of yourself or people you know who have tried the things I’ve got coming up helps too. I’ve been reassured that the Versed and Fentanyl sedation for the procedure I’m going to have on Monday will be super easy for me and I won’t remember a thing. Yay!

QUICK MEDICAL UPDATE – (yeah, right, like I can write anything ‘quick’)

So here’s the rundown:

INFECTION: The infections, cellulitis, in my legs that you guys might or...

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