My Life: The Movie (reprint)

Just shy of 41 years ago (gasp) I was offered a starring role in a soon to be released move called My Life. I wasn’t really given a choice whether or not I wanted to play the role; it was a union thing, just kinda had to do it. I suppose that if I had ever wanted to, I could have ended the role in My Life at any time, but truth is, I’ve never been one to take the easy way out of anything; so I played my part as best I could with what I had to work with. I wasn’t able to choose the original cast, the budget was low, and the setting was really poor, but I gave it my best.

During the production of this film, I was offered plenty of opportunities to play my part alongside others, cameo appearances by people who played the parts of ‘friends’ and then there were the recurring roles of  ‘family’, and the bit parts of casual acquaintances. Some would stay longer than others, some I interacted with more fully than others, but in the end, I always had the starring role. I learned early on that I set the tone of the entire movie how I chose, and that those playing parts in the story of My Life would relate to and respond according to how I chose to set that tone.

There were many auditions for leading men in My Life, but though some were quite good actors, either I was unwilling to offer them a contract, or they refused the contract that was offered… until Mr. Michy, the leading man in My Life. He took on the contract, even though the working hours sucked, the budget was low, and the working conditions were far from pleasant all the time.

He managed to put in long hours, rehearsed frequently, and perfected his role, and though the contract he was originally offered was well below industry standards, he has renegotiated several times, and each time, the contract continues to improve. Along with him, he brought a cast of new people to My Life, many of whom deserve academy awards for playing their roles so brilliantly, and one particular cast member who has recently taken on a co-starring role in My Life who has brought much laughter and a bit of slapstick to the plot at just the right moment.

While I have never once considered canceling my contract for my starring role in My Life, there have been times I have wondered if I ever should have accepted the role in the first place. I do wonder at times, though not nearly as much as I once did, whether or not I would do it all again, knowing what I know now. If I could go back to the beginning of the filming of My Life, would I choose to accept the role again?

There was a time I would have clearly said, “Hell no.”

Today, though I took a long road and a lot of wasted film on the cutting room floor to get here, I find I am happy with direction the story of My Life has taken, and pleased with the current storyline. But as with any film in progress, My Life is still in production, and as we all probably know too well, a work in progress is subject to change at any moment.


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