Daily Archives December 9, 2011

I’m Genre-less

So I mailed off a packet for my book–WHAT BROTHERS DO–a 2010 Faulkner/Wisdom Semifinalist, to an independent publisher today. They are a big one, one with multiple best-selling authors on the NYT and LA lists. There was a time I said I would not submit directly to a publisher, because I really do and still do want an agent, and when you submit to a publisher first, you limit what your agent can do when you finally get one. It’s best to let the literary agent, who is trained, educated and experienced in the industry and who has connections and knows people you don’t know, do the work they are being paid to do when they take part of your income for selling your book. I have no problems with the agent relationship. I want an agent, badly, but I want the right agent, for the right book, who will do the right job for the money.

I will find the right one.

My problem is, I have t...

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