Daily Archives December 10, 2011

Too Busy: A-Z Blog Challenge

Well, I was too busy and too sick to join the A-Z blog challenge many of my writerly friends had done on their blogs. So I decided I would get my A-Z challenge out in one blog, all at one time.

Are you with me?

Here goes:

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Understanding and Killing Spiders

I have issues, I have problems, I have obstacles to overcome … I am thankful every day that my life isn’t perfect, but it is more perfectly suited to me than it ever has been.

I am not the type who needs everyone to always agree with me, nor do I have a need to even be right most of the time (though once in awhile is nice), but I have always had a need to be understood. With understanding comes acceptance, even if approval cannot be there.

There are many things people do in this world that I do not agree with – some of those things I will never understand, and that makes those things hard to accept. Some of those things I do understand, and even if I can say that it’s not right for me or I disapprove of the decisions someone has made, with understanding of why they made those decisions, I can accept their actions as right for them.

To me, understanding is...

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