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Book Review: ANYTHING, by Michael Baron

I read Baron’s first book, WHEN YOU WENT AWAY, and I was blown away by the story. Here was a great tale, with a male protagonist, told in first person, two rare things. It wasn’t a romance novel, but had romance in it. It wasn’t a chick-lit novel, but it had a lightness and humor to it. It wasn’t women’s fiction, but it had some depth and powerful moments. I was pleased to find a new author I hoped to follow. Then I read CROSSING THE BRIDGE, also by Baron, and I wondered if this author had used up all his best writing skill in his first novel. This story, while it showed some spark of potential, wound on way too long, detailing too much mundane detail in the daily life of the protagonist, and the romance aspect of this story was weak.

But boy did Baron redeem himself with SPINNING. I absolutely loved SPINNING and consider it one of the best books I’ve read recently. So when I picked up ANYTHING, by Michael Baron, I was hoping for another story that was at least as good as WHEN YOU WENT AWAY and hopefully as good as SPINNING. What I got was something somewhere in between the two: a good, solid story that was fun to read and compelling, but not as deep or rich as either of the other books.

ANYTHING, by Michael Baron – Plot Summary

ANYTHING starts with the protagonist coup...

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Michy’s Hot White Chocolate Recipe – Yummy!

If you’ve never used a double boiler, it’s really easy to do, but it’s not necessary for this recipe. I just like to use the double boiler because the chocolate melts so much easier that way and you don’t have to worry as much about it burning on the bottom of the pan. A makeshift double boiler is simply taking one pan and filling it with water, putting it on the stove, and then placing another pan–the one you want to put the chocolate in–inside the water of the first pan. The water steams and gets hot and keeps the temperature consistent. We have a glass Pyrex double boiler set that I use for this, and it works beautifully.

So tonight, I taught the kids to make hot white chocolate cocoa from scratch, and I’m going to share my recipe with you! If you’ve ever had a vanilla bean steamer from Starbucks, this is similar in flavor, but with white chocolate added to it. It’s very yummy!

Michy’s Hot White Chocolate Recipe


  • 2 cu...
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