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Well, it’s been about a month since I got out of the hospital this last time. The first time I was in the hospital, they probably let me go home too soon, and the second time, I felt they I needed out of there faster than they let me go. I had a minor surgery the second time, I was overall feeling much better and was more than ready to leave. I still have shadows of bruises from the first hospital stay and still have very purple dark bruises from the most recent one on my arm.

The other day, Lynn was pulled over for speeding. The cop asked if there were any reasons why we were going so fast, in such a hurry. Said, “Nope, just running late for a doctor’s appointment.” Made some comment about the bruises and how I was just waiting for them to poke me. Then there was a joke about Lynn beating me up and leaving bruises on me. The cop laughed out loud and said, “You know,” pointing to the mic on his shoulder strap, “that was all just recorded and the folks downtown can hear it…”

His eyes were sparkling and he was joking with us. You know, cops don’t always LIKE to give tickets. Not his fault Lynn was speeding, right? He was super nice though. I said very loudly, “No, she really didn’t beat me. Promise. I… I… uhm, ran into a wall, yeah, that’s it!”

He laughed again, and I figure someone downtown was laughing at some point if they listened to ...

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Broken & Beautiful

I heard a wise man say once that we should only keep those things in our life that are either useful or beautiful. Everything that is not useful or beautiful, we should toss out and not carry it with us.

Once I held something beautiful in my hands. I could turn it around, look at it, and from every angle, I saw the beauty. It was obvious beauty, something anyone could see at a glance.

One day, something happened and this beautiful item broke.

I was sad when it broke—hurt and angry that it broke, and I cried when I looked upon the damage that had been done to what was once so beautiful. While I could still see the glimmers of the beauty that was once there, it was no longer whole, and therefore, no longer the thing of beauty it was once.

Yet, I could not bring myself to throw it out, because I could recall, remember with startling clarity, the beauty that was once there.

So I keep it, though broken as it is, knowing it is no longer beautiful or useful to me, and I use it to remind myself of the beauty that was once. Some days the reminder makes me smile at the memory, and other days, the reminder makes me sad all over again for the knowing that it is no longer beautiful.

In keeping this broken memory, I find that this once-beautiful thing now sits on a shelf beside other things that are not broken, things that are still beautiful, still whole.

When people visit me, they do not see the beautiful things.

No, in fact, they always ask me, “What is this one doing here? It’s broken.”

Eventually, they ...

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Author Interview with Rhetta Akamatsu

Short Author Bio for Rhetta Akamatsu

I am an online journalist and author with a wide range of interests. My books cover the paranormal, a lesser-known part of Irish history, and blues music, and I also have smaller books about children’s crafts and Christmas traditions! Online I write about Atlanta blues music, Atlanta steampunk, and Atlanta Historic Places and I write about business and technology news for Gather.com. I live in Metro Atlanta in Marietta, GA, the subject of my book, Haunted Marietta, with my husband and my cat, near my grown children and 4, soon to be five, grandchildren.

~~~Author Interview with Rhetta Akamatsu~~~

It’s rare today to find an author who does nothing but write for a living...
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Author Interview with Donald Jacques

Donald Jacques was born in 1957, as an air force brat. He has lived in ten states over the years enjoying 8 kids, 6 grand kids. Don spent fifteen years as a computer programmer, worked as a teacher, a pro dance instructor, security guard, and commercial handyman. The HandyMan is his third book.

It’s rare today to find an author who does nothing but write for a living. Do you have a ‘real’ job other than writing, and if so, what is it? What are some other jobs you’ve had in your life?

Donald Jacques: I currently work as a commercial handyman. I repair, or perform preventive maintenance on plumbing fixtures, lighting, and wall repairs. In the past, I spent 15 years as a computer programmer, 10 years instruction in classrooms and corporate training, even did a few years as a ballroom dance instructor.

What compelled you to write your first book?

Donald Jacques: I was ...

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