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Donna Anastasi Guest Blog: Are Gerbils Lucky?

Michy’s Book Reviews is pleased to invite Donna Anastasi, author of SPIN THE PLATE, to offer a guest blog post on our site. Welcome, Donna, and thank you for your post! Enjoy! Be sure to leave Donna Anastasi a comment!


There are a couple of phrases that give me a back of the neck prickle and skin crawling annoyance: “play hard” and “serious hobby”. Don’t get me wrong. This country and the people in it would be much better off if adults took the time to play. But once it becomes “hard” or “serious,” you might as well head back into the cubical and get paid for it. I have an obscure hobby that started this time of year 12 years ago...

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Author Interview: Michael Meyer

Author’s Short Bio:

I am Michael Meyer, a recently retired college writing professor. I literally taught at universities all over the world, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and the US Virgin Islands. I retired last December from a California community college. I live in Southern California wine country with my wife Kitty and our two other cats.

Author Interview with Michael Meyer:

Tell us a little bit about your book/s. What are their titles; which is your favorite if you have more than one, and briefly let us know what they are about. Pay particular attention to your most recent book and/or your first book:

Michael Meyer:   THE FAMOUS UNION is a rollicking romp through the halls of academia, where the powers-that-be make theater-of-the-absurd decisions that bring chaotic conditions to a once-pro...

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More Than Common Courtesy: Internet Etiquette

Okay, let’s talk about internet etiquette vs. social etiquette in real life. You wouldn’t, most of you anyway, on most days, totally ignore someone who wished you a good morning or asked how you were doing, right? If someone calls you, most of the time, you probably eventually call them back, especially if they call multiple times or leave multiple messages right?

My point here is, in the real world, we seem to use a completely different etiquette and manners than we do online, in more than one way. Let’s look at a few of these issues:


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Too Busy: A-Z Blog Challenge

Well, I was too busy and too sick to join the A-Z blog challenge many of my writerly friends had done on their blogs. So I decided I would get my A-Z challenge out in one blog, all at one time.

Are you with me?

Here goes:

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Understanding and Killing Spiders

I have issues, I have problems, I have obstacles to overcome … I am thankful every day that my life isn’t perfect, but it is more perfectly suited to me than it ever has been.

I am not the type who needs everyone to always agree with me, nor do I have a need to even be right most of the time (though once in awhile is nice), but I have always had a need to be understood. With understanding comes acceptance, even if approval cannot be there.

There are many things people do in this world that I do not agree with – some of those things I will never understand, and that makes those things hard to accept. Some of those things I do understand, and even if I can say that it’s not right for me or I disapprove of the decisions someone has made, with understanding of why they made those decisions, I can accept their actions as right for them.

To me, understanding is...

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I’m Genre-less

So I mailed off a packet for my book–WHAT BROTHERS DO–a 2010 Faulkner/Wisdom Semifinalist, to an independent publisher today. They are a big one, one with multiple best-selling authors on the NYT and LA lists. There was a time I said I would not submit directly to a publisher, because I really do and still do want an agent, and when you submit to a publisher first, you limit what your agent can do when you finally get one. It’s best to let the literary agent, who is trained, educated and experienced in the industry and who has connections and knows people you don’t know, do the work they are being paid to do when they take part of your income for selling your book. I have no problems with the agent relationship. I want an agent, badly, but I want the right agent, for the right book, who will do the right job for the money.

I will find the right one.

My problem is, I have t...

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I don’t know how long I sat there, staring, emotionless, growing colder with each passing minute. My hands were shaking, my body shivering, and I felt sick inside.

I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to feel. All I could feel, all I was consciously aware of was the cold. It was so very cold.

Yet the temperature in the room was normal. The air conditioner was off, the ceiling fan had ceased spinning, but I was cold.

Is this what shock feels like? Who knew that anger, white hot anger, could make a body feel so cold? Was I angry? Was that an emotion?

Well, perhaps there is progress, because a moment ago, I was numb and unable to feel anything. Anger is better than apathy.

But I’m so cold. And I’m scared.

Yes, that is it, another emotion. I am scared. Fear.

And if this goes like it ha...

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CLASSIC MICHY: What Makes Michy Say, “Huh?”

(This blog post originally was published in Myspace back in 2006.)

I finally broke down and let them get me a new laptop computer over the weekend. It’s fantastic! I’m working on a product review of Windows Vista though – the working title is: Windows Vista – Microsoft’s Way of Saying, “You’re Too Stupid to Use Your Computer”.

Of course, most of my awake and free time has been spent trying to transfer everything over to the new computer, set up email accounts in Outlook, and the worst part, remembering all my logins and passwords to sites that were just ‘remembered’ on the other computer. Man, it took a lot longer than I thought!

During one television channel flipping episode, there were several things that just popped into my head, and I figured I’d bore each of you who choose for some unknown reason to read my blabbering here with these thoughts. A few of these are my mindless ramblings and some are blatantly stolen from somewhere, but don’t ask me where, ’cause I haven’t a clue.


1. Dulcolax.

Okay, I suppose that if ever I were in need of a stool softener, I would appreciat...

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Trusting Shampoo?

Have you seen the Pantene commercial with Maria Menounos? It’s the one where she says, “I trusted it on a very important night.” Later in the commercial she says, “I almost didn’t think it could happen, and then it did.”

Which was referring to how much shine her hair had.

Yes, Pantene is such a dream come true.

I find her to be a very attractive woman, and I know from reading about her that she’s also very intelligent and a journalist (intelligence and journalist are not synonymous, believe me, I know.)

Yet, I find the fact she is doing a hair ...

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