Author Interview with Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson

Author Short Bio: Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson

As a clear channeler and automatic writer, Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson is the author of several inspirational and spiritual books including her bestselling metaphysical book, The Constellation of Omens, incorporating world predictions and signs of the end times. An ordained minister and spiritualist, Dr. Simpson has made appearances on various radio shows such as Paranormal Palace Radio, The Mortal Vampire, The Mix Talk and PairaNormal providing live, on-air psychic readings. As host of D’s Roundtable Radio Show she has given her callers psychic advice on the air and discussed paranormal phenomena.

Dr. Simpson has been described as the poet of our generation. With a critically acclaimed, unique writing style, her verse has been scrupulously compared to our celebrated greats of yore. If you relish the works of Keats, Shelley, Poe, Dickinson, e.e. Cummings and Hemingway, Rev. Deborah’s work is sure to captivate your literary senses. Her metaphysical works have been compared to such world famous psychics as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus.

It’s rare today to find an author who does nothing but write for a living. Do you have a ‘real’ job other than writing, and if so, what is it? What are some other jobs you’ve had in your life? 

Deborah Simpson:  Excellent question and you couldn’t be more right. Aside from being a writer, I am also an ordained minister and spiritualist so I do work in the paranormal field as well as aiding persons on a daily basis. And, aside from that, I am a full-time paralegal. Most do not know that I spent 13 years of my life bartending part-time and I’ve worked many odds-and-ends jobs such as being a cashier in food stores, retail stores and I have even had my hand in working in a major fast food chain.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? 

Deborah Simpson:  I never actually thought about being a writer, although I’ve been writing since the age of 9 on a daily basis to satisfy my passion for writing. Being a published author was an avenue that I was talked into doing by others who had read my work.

What compels you to be a writer? 

Deborah Simpson:  Without sounding cliché, what compels me to write is what compels living creatures to breathe.

Are you currently working on any writing projects our readers should watch for release soon?

Deborah Simpson:  Yes. I am currently working on another metaphysical novel, Divination alongside a self-help book entitled Hardboiled Egg.

How did you feel the day you held the copy of your first book in your hands? 

Deborah Simpson:  It was a nostalgic experience. It was a huge personal accomplishment and at the same time, one of the most humbling experiences I have experienced.

What inspires you and motivates you to write the very most? 

Deborah Simpson:  When I receive a comment from a reader telling me how my work has changed their life, I believe that is all the motivation I will ever need.

What one thing are you the most proud of in your life? 

Deborah Simpson:  Without a doubt, my beautiful son.

Hey, let’s get morbid. When they write your obituary, what do you hope they will say about your book/s and writing? What do you hope they will say about you? 

Deborah Simpson:  Cute question. Quite honestly, although I haven’t thought about it, off the cuff I would say the only thing I hope for is that my writing had enough of an impact to be talked of at all. What do I hope they will say about me? For those that knew me to say they loved me.

Thinking about your writing career, is there anything you’d go back and do differently now that you have been published? 

Deborah Simpson:  Honestly? I wouldn’t change a thing. It was and is who I am. If I could do anything differently, I would have been sacrificing too much.

What is your main goal or purpose you would like to see accomplished by or with your writing? 

Deborah Simpson:  I have but one goal: May my words today fall unexpectedly graciously upon the ears, within the minds and throughout the hearts of them, so that but one may be touched by needed hope or faith or strength that before was misplaced in their life; and may the seeds these words plant today grow into vines that they may continue their crusade upon the ears, within the minds and throughout the hearts of them, so that but one more may be touched.

How has having a book or being published in a book changed your life? 

Deborah Simpson:  I am now responsible for every single word I have ever uttered in print. It has changed my life drastically.

It’s said that the editing process of publishing a novel with a publisher is can be grueling and often more difficult than actually writing the story. Do you think this is true for you? How did you feel about editing your masterpiece?

Deborah Simpson:  Out of all of the editing projects on my books, I think the most grueling was with The Constellation of Omens. Three months of editing. I believe I was reciting the book in my sleep. It is much more difficult than writing. I would agree 1000%.

Now that you are a published author, does it feel differently than you had imagined? 

Deborah Simpson:  Oh yes. On the one hand, it’s a huge personal accomplishment just as I imagined, however on the other hand, it brings so much more responsibility than I ever could have thought.

For more information on books and services, please visit Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson’s website at or her Author Page.

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