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Book Review: Legends of Marithia: Darkness Rising, by Peter Koevari

This is book two in a series of epic fantasy novels, incorporating some of the best fantasy elements of humans, elves, dragons and other mythical and mystical beings. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to read book one of the series in order to understand and enjoy book two, but I do think it would likely help. I picked this up for review and haven’t read book one yet, but I do feel I’m missing a little bit by not knowing all the characters and back story well. However, it’s absolutely not necessary for the enjoyment of the story.

The author, however, does a good job of filling us in. The first part of the book recaps where the universe and characters have been...

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Sunrise / Sunset

(Excerpted from The Path, by Michelle Devon, Copyright 2006)

Isn’t it strange how some things that are complete opposites can often be so similar that, to the casual observer, they appear to be the same? For example, can you truly tell the difference between a sunset and a sunrise? Except for the time of day and the direction the sun is facing, there really is no distinct difference in the appearance of sunrise versus a sunset if, for example, a photograph is taken with no indication of the outside factors. Both are just as beautiful, yet, they truly are near opposites in meaning.

The sappy butterfly feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you are ridiculously in love is not any different in physical sensation to the queasy butterfly feeling you get when you look at a serious wound...

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