Daily Archives January 17, 2012

Instant Batification

(Just a little something I wrote a while back for a quick impromptu contest that I did not win. It was written to a theme… just thought I’d share it here, for no reason whatsoever.)

“Mandy, put your bag there on the couch,” Sheila said. “Let’s get the stuff ready while we wait for Leeza. This is going to be so cool!”

The girls giggled and walked to the kitchen. Just when they made it to the table, the doorbell rang. “That’s Leeza,” Sheila squealed. “You get the stuff, and I’ll go let her in.”

After their greetings, Mandy said to Leeza, “So… did you bring the book?”

Leeza giggled and patted her backpack. “Right here.”

“Dig it out!” Sheila exclaimed.

From her backpack, Leeza retrieved a well-worn, large, obviously old leather-bound book...

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