Update on Reviews & Info About a Good Program

Hey, readers! Sorry it’s been a while since the last review, but my new Kindle Fire’s power cord broke. One of the prongs just broke right off. I don’t want anyone to take that as a review of the Kindle. You can read my Kindle review here if you really want to know what I think about the Kindle Fire. The cord got stuck under the recliner, where the power surge plug is, and I plopped down a lot harder in the chair than I should have and it popped the power cord to the side, and ripped that metal prong right out of it. So my Kindle was completely out of charge when that happened, so I haven’t had any notes (Yes, I make notes on the Kindle while I read, neat feature!) to write reviews from or to read. The new power cord has come, the Kindle Fire is now fully charged, and I’ll be back to posting reviews you can trust tomorrow morning, with S. Gail Seymour’s book, MOROAICA. Looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I want you to check out this project and philanthropic endeavor:

There’s a group called “Gone Reading” who have created an online store where they sell literary-related items with all the proceeds going to their project. The website says, “Gone Reading International donates 100% of after-tax profits to fund new reading libraries and other literacy projects in the developing world.”

It’s a wonderful endeavor to expand reading and the love of reading to those less fortunate who otherwise might not be exposed to it. But it’s more than that, because reading and knowing how to read is the beginning of being able to communicate with the rest of the world, which is a chance for kids to get out of poverty, to take jobs they otherwise couldn’t do, and to help grow and improve educationally. Reading is crucial for these developments to happen, and this project helps make that happen.

On the more frivolous but nonetheless important side, imagine growing up without your favorite book or your ability to read. Imagine not having your imagination run away with you as you become the character in an action adventure book for kids. Imagine not being transported away to a fairytale land of fantasy for a moment, to escape the humdrum of life. Think of how much kids who don’t have access or money to buy books at bookstores. Think of kids who don’t have access to a library or even if they did have access, might not be able to enter it for one reason or another. Think of a life without your favorite childhood stories read to you by your parents, big brother or sister or babysitter.

This is your chance to make a difference…

Check out Gone Reading at this link and get yourself a t-shirt for a good cause, if you feel so compelled.

See you tomorrow with a new review!

Love and stuff,

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3 comments to Update on Reviews & Info About a Good Program

  • Brad Wirz  says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words Michy!

  • Carolyn Clark  says:

    Not sure how he’s doing it but my 16 year old has broken 2 kindle fire adapters- in each case the prongs have broken off.

  • admin  says:

    Carolyn, that’s exactly what happened to mine. Must be a Kindle adapter weakness then… what a shame. I might need to add that to my review of the Kindle Fire. Other than that, I’ve loved this thing!

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