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Sleep Study Results

I mentioned I would post the results of my sleep study the other day too, and I never did do that.

So here’s what the doc said on the sleep study:

I have mild to moderate sleep apnea, with about 30 apnea episodes over an almost eight hour sleep period. However, I had nearly 80 hypopnea episodes over that same period, meaning about 50 of the hypoxic times had nothing to do with obstruction or apnea, but rather, with an underlying pulmonary condition that should be ‘correlated clinically’.

Around 10pm, about an hour into my sleep cycle, I dropped sats to 85 and stayed there for five minutes. The protocol is to start oxygen if that happens, so he started me on one liter per minute, but it only came up to 86, then moved me to 2 liters per minute, and even then, I spent over 90% of the night with my sats below 90%. Remember, now, anything below 92% can cause organ failure or damage.

So yes, I have a sleep disorder, based on a pulmonary condition, but we don’t know what that is yet… or at least, they didn’t. We kinda do.

The pulmonologist was convinced the...

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It’s Not that I’m Ungrateful; It’s Just…


So here I go again, talking about whiny complainy things. I want you all to know, I’m really not that big of a whiny complainy person in real life. I suppose, in part, the reason I whine and complain so much in my writing is because that allows me to NOT whine and complain in real life. For the most part, I’m tough. I’m strong, really… actually, I guess I really am. I mean, you guys tell me that all the time, but yeah, I guess maybe I am. I try to be, anyway. I don’t always feel that way though.


I spent much of this morning with my head buried in my dog’s neck, while he sniffed and licked my ears. I love my dog. I love dogs in general. I think puppies are the best, and my Jake is a good 85-pound, three year old puppy boy. He’s a great dog. He’s the best dog I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some really good dogs too. I love him. When I’m down, he knows. He learned early on to be ‘gentle’ with mama, so when he comes up to me, he doesn’t jump up on me like he does everyone else, but rather, jumps ‘next’ to me. When in bed, he doesn’t come running and p9ounce on top of me like he does everyone else. He gently comes and sits next to me, then slides onto my chest and eats my face, nose and all. He licks tears when I’m sad. I am very grateful for my dog.

Yesterday morning, I spent most of the morning in tears. A couple of days before that,  I was angry. Today, I’m a little numb, sort of depressed, just not myself.


I can’t help but think about how fast my life has changed with the health problems I’ve been having...

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