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Book Review: MOROAICA, by S Gail Seymour

This is one of the hardest reviews I’ve yet to write, because I don’t know how to rate this book. On the one hand, if we go by the story, entertainment and how much it pulled me in, it would get one score and then if we went by editing and style, it would get an entirely different score.

So let’s start with the problems: In the prologue, we are introduced to the book in a first person narrative. The voice of that first person in the prologue is most definitely male, because his son calls him ‘father’. But then chapter one starts, and we switch characters but are still in first person, with a character named “Max”. It took me several chapters to realize, because I don’t read the summaries before I read books, that Max was really a woman, Maxine. That made me have to start over again and re-read things from that new perspective.

Next, the first sentence of chapter one has a grammatical error in it. That really turned me off to the book and had I not been reading it for a review, had I picked it up in a bookstore or had scanned through it on Amazon.com, I would likely have put it back and not bought it. That same grammatical error, particularly pertaining to dialogue tagging, was done incorrectly all throughout the book.

This book needs a good copy edit, no doubt about it, and on that score, I have to really say that the book can’t get more than three stars for editing.

But if I had judged the book by that alone, I would have missed a fantastic book.

The cover art is gorgeous...

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Frustration, And More Frustration

Carnival Cruise Lines Can Suck My Big Toe

So, the first thing that happened, and I’ll be writing more about this in the future, Carnival Cruise Lines decided that my bilateral massive multiple pulmonary embolisms and the both extremity cellulitis infection that left me with open wounds and abscesses on both legs was not ‘worthy’ of being given an exception for cruise reimbursement. We asked not for our money back on the cruise, but rather, we asked that they simply give us a credit for the cruise–for which they were, by one of their own employee’s admissions–able to rebook our cabin. We intended to use the credit on a future cruise, during which we would have spent more money than the credit we had with them. But Carnival Cruises decided we were not important enough as a customer to keep our business and held firmly to their ‘contracted’ agreement, and refused to refund or credit us any money in their special ‘consideration’ department.

Well, let me tell you what that means for me: I will never, EVER cruise with Carnival again. I also intend to make sure everyone I know hears just how ‘unvaluable’ Carnival thinks its customers are. We lost $2000 during a time when because of the health problems we could have really used that money and we never even asked for it back – we just wanted a credit so we could take a cruise at a later date when my wounds had healed and I had recovered some. I could have really used the vacation.

I hear Disney cruises out of Port Galveston too, as do Norwegian and one other line. When we’re ready to cruise later in the year, anyone but Carnival will get my business. If you plan on cruising, keep in mind Carnival will provide you with the best customer service as long as they are still trying to get your money. Once you’ve parted with your money though, they took weeks to even answer my request and then very blanketly denied the special consideration with absolutely zero explanation other than they didn’t want to honor our request, so sorry, buy trip insurance next time. Well, if anyone had offered us trip insurance, perhaps we would have.

If this matters to you at all, don’t cruise with Carnival...

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