Animals Are NOT Disposable

Yesterday, my daughter found a dog outside, a lab mix, with pretty eyes, light chocolate color. He was sweet as could be, but had no collar, no tags. She went around the neighborhood and when nobody claimed him, thinking she was doing the right thing, she took him to the local animal shelter run by the city. When I finally made it home from the Social Security appointment, I told her all the reasons why that was the wrong thing to do, and I was nearly in tears over it, but we decided we’d call the pound first thing in the morning and see what was up.

Well, turns out, the dog was chipped. They traced the chip back to a vet in Louisiana, and everyone knew who the dog was, but the vet himself refused to give out the owner’s name or information. Now, we live in Texas, near Houston, and Texas law is a bit different than LA law. Our animal control officers are certified peace officers, and interfering with their doing their job can be illegal. It also seems the vet is somehow familially related to the owner of the dog. We think there’s a family saga going on here, and we really don’t care or want to be any part of it.

The point is, we told the pound that we want the dog if no one claims him in time.

Why do we want the dog when we already have plenty of animals as it is? Because, the shelter is full, and because this dog is an out of state dog, he has a death sentence. He would be ineligible to be put into the adoption program, and in five days, he would have been put to sleep.

The officer at the shelter was so happy and so grateful and so excited that we said we wanted him, because she said he’s a sweet baby and he doesn’t deserve this fate just because there’s family drama going on.

The dog’s name is Brew. We have to leave him there, by law, until Tuesday, and they will continue to try to get his real owner, but if they can’t, on Tuesday, Brew becomes ours. Of course, we’ll foster him for now, so that if the original owner does want him and will pay our costs to adopt him, we will definitely give Brew back to his people.

Here’s a picture of Brew:












Now, here’s the thing. It’s going to cost $75 to adopt Brew, and we have to get his neutered (if he’s not already) and get his shots, but if his people see this blog by some strange chance, we will let you have him back and if you need to make payments on the cost to pay us back, we’ll work that out too. We just want Brew to have a good home again, to be with the people he loves.


The reason the lady at the shelter was so ecstatic when we called was because the shelter is OVER capacity. She’s even had to take some animals home personally, and that’s not good. Since Brew is an out-of-state dog, he wouldn’t be eligible for adoption, and that means if the owner can’t get him in five days, he dies…

… this is not Brew’s fault.

He doesn’t deserve to die. No animal deserves this, just because animal owners aren’t responsible.

Animals are not disposable.

Please, spay or neuter your pets, don’t buy animals from puppy mills. Rescue your next pet, save them from a pound, from death. Save them. The best dogs I’ve ever had were all mutts, rescue dogs, and some of the worst behaved dogs I’ve ever known were purebreds. How much a dog costs doesn’t have anything to do with his or her capacity to love and be a member of your family.

So I know people want puppies, but sweet adult dogs need love too, and they can be some of the most loyal animals ever.

Please, if you’re considering a pet, go to your local animal shelter first. Look there, save a dog or a cat from death, give them a home, be their hero… don’t let one more animal die senselessly.

Lastly, if you happen to live in the League City, Houston, Galveston area and you have a chocolate-ish lab mix named Brew who has a chip from a Louisiana vet, we have your dog… if the shelter doesn’t hear from you by Tuesday, we’ll be bringing Brew home, where we will keep him for a time until we decide if we’re going to make him part of our family or find him a lovely family of his own. If we hear from you first, we’ll happily, with gratitude and joy, give Brew back to his people.

Love and puppy kisses,


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10 comments to Animals Are NOT Disposable

  • Jennifer Walker  says:

    You are so good to take responsibility for this dog. Thank you.

  • Linda  says:

    What a handsome fellow! You are absolutely right, no dog or cat is disposable. Two thumbs up to you for giving him a good home if his owner doesn’t come forward. I just took in another cat because our shelter is filled to the max.

  • Angela  says:

    I hope Brew finds his family or makes a new one. Glad you are there for him.

  • Jennifer Wright  says:

    I hope Brew’s owners are found. But, honestly, I would have done the same thing. That is how we got Kujo. We (mostly my mom and sis) are a big part of Animal Rescue here. They are a no kill shelter, which is rare now, but it is always at it’s capacity.

    My mother constantly has foster animals at her house and my sister volunteers at the shelter.

    Brew looks like a good dog, I hope his owners find him, but at least we know he will have a good place with you if they aren’t found.

    How strange about the whole family thing, and what’s the point of having a chip if you can’t get them to their owners with it. Weird.

  • Cindy  says:

    Good on ya, Michy!
    We do all we can to support the no-kill shelters near us (and there are several–thank goodness), but they are always at or over capacity.

    And in the weirdness of Illinois law, last year the law changed so that Illinois shelters must scan a pet on at least two sepearte occasions looking for a chip so that pets can be reunited with their families. I hope Brew’s family claims him.

  • Bridget Bowers  says:

    Good for you, Michy!

    When I see a stray animal or see those SPCA commercials on TV, I just want to take them all home and give them the love they deserve. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the room to adopt every discarded animal out there. I so wish we could. We have three dogs of our own and they are as much a part of the family as any human.

    It is a shame that so many people don’t view pets as part of their family. It is such good karma for you to save him.

  • Michy  says:

    Thank you so much, everyone! We really have too many animals as it is, and we really don’t have ‘room’ for Brew, so to speak, but I just cannot in good conscience say that my inconvenience of taking in another animal is worth his dying for it. Plus, my Jake The Dog really likes other dogs a lot. We often take him to play with a friend’s three big dogs, so he can run and have a good time with them. We call them Play Dates for Jake! Now, if Brew comes home with us on Tuesday, Jake will have a playmate! I think they’ll have a lot of fun together. They haven’t met yet, but Brew is a very calm and gentle dog and Jake is playful but gentle, so I think they’ll get along just fine!

    I just hope Brew swims! Jake loves it!

  • Buffy  says:

    It’s wait and see… Brew’s owner might make it to the shelter tomorrow or Saturday (hopefully – it’s the start of Mardi Gras… Brew, Mardi Gras, Krewes, Bacchus – but I digress). The shelter is closed Sunday and Monday, so Tuesday is the next open day. Hopefully Brew likes cats (and not as snacks!.) So on Tuesday, we’ll wish Brew a Happy Valentine’s Day and hope that he finds the family of his dreams… old or new!

  • Rissa Watkins  says:

    what a beautiful dog! I hope somehow his family is able to get him back. How weird he ended up in TX. Maybe the family moved there and the dog found a way to get out of the new yard without them knowing.

  • Update on Brew – If You’re In the Houston Area  says:

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