Daily Archives February 18, 2012

Bucket List

So the bucket list is supposed to be that list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. There’s a concept for the bucket list I don’t like: the ‘kick the bucket’ part. I mean, after all, shouldn’t we be focusing on things we want to do while we’re still alive instead of focusing on what we want to do before we die? It might seem like a bit of semantic debate, but to me, it makes a difference. I don’t want to focus on doing all these things if dying is the goal. I want to live and do these things and keep adding to my list. I mean, if my bucket list always stays full, then I can never die, right?

I have often said that I could not possibly die while in the middle of writing one of my novels, and since I always keep at least two novels in the works at all times, I think it’s likely I’m going to live forever. Health problems be damned. I’m immortal!

But that all said, I’ve decided to do a short bucket list t...

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I Shaved My Legs

A few years ago (like, oh, I dunno, fifteen years ago or something, but when you start getting old, that’s a ‘few’, really, it is) I worked as a crisis hotline volunteer for the Odessa Rape Crisis Center. In order to do that volunteer job, I had to go through a 6-week training class they offered, with a big notebook full of information and such. During that training, we were taught how to answer the phones, how to talk to rape victims and what to do in emergency situations. We had notebooks and classes and we did scenarios and pretended to be callers and phone operators and all that stuff.

I don’t honestly remember much about the entire training, but there was one part that really stuck with me. They had a girl who was working as a rape crisis advocate at the time come in and talk to us. She stood at the front of the room and told us that she was a rape survivor. She talked about how she had felt, how depressed she got, and how in the middle of the night one night she called the rape crisis center and how helpful they were to her. When she finally was able to move past her trauma, she decided to volunteer too, because she wanted to give back to someone else what the center had given to her.

What she said to us was that she knew she was going to be okay when she went to her counselor and said, “Guess what, Nancy? I shaved my legs today!”

It’s not uncommon for rape victims ...

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